Leading Manufacturer of Quality Micro-Irrigation Launches Website Redesign

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    Jain Irrigation, Inc., a leading micro-drip irrigation company, announces the redesign of its Website. The site will debut an eye-catching, page-to-page redesign with its September 15, 2009 launch.

    With the new site, Jain will enhance its capabilities as a global leader in micro-irrigation. The new website located at www.jainsusa.com, incorporates a new look and feel along with database-driven content. Features of the user-friendly redesign will include company news, searchable products and specifications, detailed product information and images, an abundance of product technical information, and a dealer list linked to Google maps.

    In addition, the site provides a log-in system for dealers and end users to view additional site content and interactive site features, such as irrigation length of run calculators for our products. The site will have easily downloadable and printable pages.

    “We are excited to formally introduce the new www.jainsusa.com website and hope our customers find that it presents information about our company and our products in a professional, efficient, and progressive manner. The website’s presentations will be consistent with our product catalog, brochures, and other marketing materials.” said Aric Olson, President, Jain Irrigation, Inc. “The site was designed with our customers in mind; we wanted to provide additional technical support, with more detailed information, in an easy to use format.”

    Jain Irrigation, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of quality drip irrigation products for the Agricultural, Greenhouse, Nursery, Industrial and Landscape markets with a history dating back more than 30 years. Manufactured brands include: Chapin, API, & Pepco. Distribution Partnerships include: Mazzei Injectors, Acclima, & Tecnidro. Products include Continuous Flow Path Drip Tape, Discreet Emitter Drip Tape, Integral Emitterline, Emission Devices, Fittings, Filters, Air Vents, Injectors, Accessories, Valves, Controllers and Tubing.

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