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    Ok from what I understand if you are using the hub wiring method all leads have or should be the same length. I am in a situation where the leads will all have to be 90'. Is that ok? We are putting lights around a pool and we would prefer not to have any connections in the sleeves so we were thinking that we will extend all the leads out side of the deck area and connect in the bed. Is that wrong or is it ok?
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    Oh boy... you need more hubs. there should be a hub within 20 ft of all fixtures. If they wont reach... run another hub. The hubs are home run to the trans. with a 90ft 16ga lead your going to be wasting wire and losing over 2v... not a very energy effecient system not to mention trying to get 11v out there. I suppose it would work but its one of thoes shooting yourself in the foot things.

    This is exactly why we need licensing and certifications for lighting. I agree with connections in the sleeves and make them in the bed but what your saying is a recipe for disaster with 90 foot leads. Seriously since your not up and up on how to install lighting sub this out. If you dont know how to wire a job I doubt your going to be up on code when it comes to fixtures near water and proper wiring techniques.

    Im not saying you shouldnt do lighting. Im saying you should be more confident on a basic technique and planning before you go wiring pool areas. Consider subbing this out and learning from that or get a paid design and consult on it at the very least.
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    Exactly Billy,
    If you are having a space of 90' between lights you either need to run more hubs or run 12/2 directly to each fixture from the tranny and test the voltage individually at each light. Why are you spreading out the lights so far from each other? Are they path lights or spot lights? It seams pretty spread out to be a very effective lighting portrait.
  4. irrig8r

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    Do you think he means 90 ft. home runs and just doesn't know the jargon yet?
  5. Pro-Scapes

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    possibility but from his description he was speaking about leads and extending them 90'

    bad plan.... bad
  6. poiuy qwerty

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    OK let me try to explain this better. our customer has a new pool with gym/building 20' away. he wants 4 - 6 spot lights ( cast bullets lights with 20watt bulbs) anchored to the stone side of the building. the transformer is on the side of that same building. the furthest fixture is 90' from the flower bed the closest light is about 2'. the transformer is about 25' - 30' from the closest light. the pool deck is going to be poured right up to the building. hope this helped explain the layout better.
  7. Pro-Scapes

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    are you going to be surface mounting lights to the concrete ? why not have sleves and conduits put in and use an inground fixture so its recessed.

    BK...unique...nightscaping... among others all have nice flush mounts.

    As for your distance... i would have to see the building and measurements to determine where I would place hubs or if I would wire in a T

    If your dead set on surface mounting I would look at the probe OSM from unique with the sphere base if you intend to hang the light on a wall.

    Again pics are ever important.

    On the leads... dont extend leads to 90'... install extra hubs so they are within reach of each fixture with the included leads.

    http://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?t=203817 would be an excellent thread for you to read
  8. ChampionLS

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    Why not install a transformer right by the pool pump? Your home run and/or fixture wiring will be shorter. Of course, you need to follow all safety guidelines in respect to the location of the fixtures and transformer to the pool.
  9. Pro-Scapes

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    Trans placement isnt the issue here it seems... I think I am understanding what he is meaning now. What he will have is a long long conduit under the pour to reach the fixtures. Since there is only a few fixtures going in I would probably go with an ingrade and install pour sleeves and the conduits prior to the pool deck doing in.

    Is downlighting from the soffits of the gym building an option ? Again pics here would completly clairfy the situation at hand..

    From what it sounds like he could do the ingrades and wire it in a T fashion and be well within spec
  10. seolatlanta

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    It sounds to me like he should run a home run to each of his fixtures. If the pipe is under the concrete , it seems to be the only way.

    It will only be 6 wires total , at the most , but I am guessing that will be the best way to control voltage. Just a thought...

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