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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by 09daxman, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. 09daxman

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    Hey there everyone, I have a 2010 john deere 910a and a protera bagging unit on it. I bought the mower with a 2 bag bagging system on it but I needed to get something for the leaf season cause well the bags just filled up way to quickly, so I got a protera HV18 dump from seat hopper. The new HV118 still uses the john deere power flow, and tube to get the clippings into the hopper. Now the issue that im having with it is when ever I cut and bag leafs, a lot of leaves blow out from the right side of the deck and not get sucked up and into the hopper, it did it with the 2 bag system but not nearly as much. I took a video with my gopro to show you whats going on. Any ideas on how I fix it? I can do stripes with my mower which isn't really that big of a deal but when Im trying to suck up the last little bit of leaves in an area it just kinda blows the leaves all over and I have to do a coupe of added passes to clean everything up. Nothing is damaged or missing, and the tube is not getting plugged either. Here is what im talking about. Thanks for your help

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    Try throttling down a bit, to half throttle or so. For me it always seems that when trying to suck up leaves at full throttle, the blades are actually acting like a fan, and blowing the leaves instead of sucking them up.
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  3. wilsonsground

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    Not familiar with the Deere, but does the baffle under the deck adjust?
  4. Ridin' Green

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    However, OP, get a set of either OEM medium lifts like those used on the 915B/Z720A or better yet IMO, the wavy mulching blades from your dealer. Not only will you get more into your bagger before it's full, you'll get a LOT less blowout from them.
  5. 09daxman

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    I tried to throttle down but that didn't help out at all.

    Ridin green, I will give those blades a try, do they sell they wavy mulching blades for the 910 or do I have to get them from a different machine? Or should I say if I ask my dealer for wavy mulching blades for a 910 will they know what I'm talking about? Haha thanks for your help
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  6. Ridin' Green

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    Many don't have a clue about the wavy mulchers. They'll tell you they don't exist even. They do. Just tell them you want the wavy mulchers that come with the mulch kit for a 910, 920 etc for the same sized deck you have.
    I don't have time right now, but you can look up the blade part number on JD parts .com. If you can't find it, post what size deck you have and if I get time later, I'll look it up.
  7. grassmasterswilson

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    I owned an exmark with bagging unit years ago and had blowout like that. Especially on thin or bare areas of a lawn. I never attempted to fix it. Seemed there was a gap between the side blower and deck. Maybe sealing off the gap would have worked. Could have also been my blades, they were stock high lift.

    That's the main reason I switched to a walker mower.
  8. 09daxman

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    ^^^^ There isn't a gap between the blower unit and the mower. I checked and made sure that its nice and tight to the mower.

    Thanks a lot, I will give them a call and see what they say. I have a 48 inch deck 7 iron, no MOD. With the blades being a mulch type design blade, will the clippings make it over to the right side of the deck to get sucked up? Thanks a lot for your help.
  9. Southern Lawn Care  LLC

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    What level on the dial are you cutting at in this video? I've found that when doing leaves I have to stay around the 2-2.5 mark for it to do any good.
  10. Kelly's Landscaping

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    As the leaves fly into the bagger they will clog the screens and reduce suction its just the nature of the beast. If you look at the video it gets worse over time so thats one issue. Another is you favor the right side of the deck and do not make the left where you make your cut into a line. The left side will tend to suck in the leaves better where the right side will tend to repulse them. Also in nearly every pass the vac motor was over the leaves themselves and never on clean grass so much of that blow out could be caused from that. I just mowed my own lawn today course I didn't have leaves like yours mine were 10 times as bad I filled the collection system 14 times. So I do have some idea what your going through and many of my passes had to be done more than once but with both my fradan 18 self propelled blowers down I didn't have much choice but to bag.

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