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Leaf Blower vs Leaf Blower with Leaf Vac


LawnSite Member
Buy a stihl . I bought one with a vac attachment and hardly use it. I have 3 backpack blowers and 2 handheld s. But stihl you get what you pay for.
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LawnSite Bronze Member
I own an Echo ES-2400 "vac". It takes frickin' forever and clogs easily. So I tried the Stihl version 85 C/E. It wasn't any better. Shame on Echo for foolin' me. Shame on me for buying the Stihl. Neither are used as vacs anymore. They are great hand held units but I would not recommend any vaccum attachment for a hand held blower. A rake and a shovel are faster!!!


LawnSite Senior Member
Southwest PA
I have the Stihl Sh56 and it works ok. I like a handled blower for sidewalks, and it works well for that. And it's good for sucking up leaves out of flower beds and smaller places, not practical for large piles though. Overall, not a bad little unit though.
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LawnSite Senior Member
Maplewood, MN
Ive used Echo and Stihl handheld combo vac/blower and they both clog if you pick up a stick or piece of mulch gets stuck in the impeller. They also don't hold much and are time consuming.

Echo did have an interesting attachment for backpack blowers (I think it's discontinued now) where you could at the flip of a switch change between vac and blower. It doesn't clog and doesn't tire your arms out. I'll take a picture in a little bit.

All that being said, if I'm buying a handheld, I'd get Stihl combo (I think it's easier to hold and swap bloe/vac). They have their place when I'm doing maintenance that I think they fill well and I also get two tools instead of one. Great backup unit.


LawnSite Silver Member
Long Island
I have SH-86. It's GREAT for cleaning out stairwells and window wells. Ok on flower beds I guess. Not so helpful as a vacuum on anything else.
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LawnSite Member
I have a new Stihl - it's pretty decent however as others have said, not for large volumes of leaves.

Personally I kind of wish I had gone for a backpack model and foregone the vacuum.


LawnSite Senior Member
I have a SH56 which is great for mulching leaves. I use my BR600 to make pile, then suck it up usually.


LawnSite Gold Member
Long Island, NY
I almost bought the hand held Stihl vac/blo. My dealer said you will not be happy with it. If he did not have to stock one he would not have them on hand to sell.