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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowingtowing, Nov 22, 2007.

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    Anyone have any tips or tricks for blowing leaves? How do you manage a 3-5 person crew with 3 or 4 backpack blower and 1 or 2 push blowers?

    When we are doing a "backpack attack" on a lawn we get a pile going and then have everyone walk into the pile kicking the leaves and blowing at the same time to move mucho leaves towards the destination (trailer with leaf vac or woods). We don't then idle down and talk back, we keep full throttle and all walk backwards still blowing towards where they need to go. Unlike snow when you cant really plow in reverse, we blow in "reverse" to stay as efficient as possible.

    When we use push blowers and backpacks the backpacks get the edges so that the push blowers can do the majority of the work. The backpacks help the push blowers and don't often go by them selfs.

    When the piles are just too big or wet, we use tarps (or if we have to go through gates) or a leaf plow on a mower.

    Is this pretty much what everyone does or are there other methods? I know there is no wrong or right, but what is "YOUR" way?
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    its extremely rare we ever use tarps, baggers, and leaf plows. we make multiple visits and use bigger blowers, 16hp z mounted blower. it was costly but makes more than its share back in labor and reduced payroll. one tip is to go very slow when blowing them from the edge of a lawn into the woods so the constant blowing from the blower carries them further into the woods so your not left with a mount of leaf at the tree line/edge of a line
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    Its rare for us to do the "backpac attack" but there are times we get in that situation. If the pile can not be moved with a large blower or plow then we get a few bacpacs blowing low on the pile and a few blowing over the top of the pile. These blowers aimed over the top keep the pile moving forward. Sending a blower forward and kicking the pile always costs us more time because that guy will have to stop and clean out the blower intake, clean the crap out of his shirt and waste time cussing out the guy that blasted him. A man with a rake and no blower can push a pile easily if a blower helps push behind him.

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    I agree completely. There comes a time when so much material builds up that you are better off to just quickly get them on a tarp and move them (the worse of them...not clean), because you just pick up with the blowing again. You can pretty much see for yourself that as slow as the pile is moving, that you if you now you could get the bulk of them out of there real quick, that the overall speed of moving would increase. Don't always get taken in to the idea of just wanting to blow them all - all the way to your destination. And DON'T let you guys break your rakes heaving on these big piles, either!
  5. wahlturfcare

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    i use the tarps when im cleaning beds out and there really isnt any leaves on the grass in that area. For the big piles i use either my leaf plow or the tine rake i made to move the piles and bag the excess as i go. It saves time pushing the raking and trying to blow all of it in to smaller piles.
  6. Gene $immons

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    We do a lot of tarping.

    Billy goat vac for light clean-up
    Trash cans for wet piles in the street.
  7. DBL

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    3 back packs going to town...one guy on the leaf plow...get most done and one guy breaks off and starts using the mower vac....the guy on the plow also runs the truck vac
  8. jawila

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    Same here. I have to remove the leaves from my properties. Wish I had a debri loader and walk behind blower. Next year!
  9. jrc lawncare

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    Same way we do it. :)

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