Leaf Blowing Techniques

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by coob, Nov 23, 2013.

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    I hear ya on the walk behind, but I'm looking for what works for guys without one, just a single guy with a backpack blower who has done it for a while and has some tips. Sometimes I start closest to where the leaves need to be blown and walk backwards so there's never a large buildup of slower to move piles and that seems to do ok. Im just really wandering if there is a technique that is most efficient or if bits here and there, straight lines, etc.. if it all takes the same amount of time.
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    If you are trying to blow a big pile that won't move get your mower, drop deck all the way down with blades OFF and start pushing piles like a plow to wherever you want to go. Then blow up all the leftovers and repeat if necessary.
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    I am solo and only use a backpack, also no ride-ons because all of the properties are small. Like most people said I simply start at the farthest point and try to bring the leaves to where I want them. Often times I make a pile where there is the most leaves, that way I'm not moving a mess onto a cleaner area, also I try to to a thorough job in one pass, but often times have to backtrack a little on account of the wind and etc. Other times I move the volume of leaves and then go back to get the embedded material which doesn't get caught in a draft as much. Like another poster said every property is different. The main thing is to have a system where you are not backtracking unnecessarily, I like to think of it as trying to squeegee the entire property, think of a puddle that you are trying to contain and push to a certain area. Also on a few occasions I bust out the rake or snow shovel to move heavy leaves quickly (leaves that are on the curb line and all wet from people draining their pools right before you come, lol) so then I can continue blowing, hope some of this helps. Like I said though most of my properties are small, typically I can blow everything with one tank of gas in the blower or much less, also before blowing I do all of the gardening (cutting back perennials and other plants that will catch the leaves and such), this is part of my fall clean-up service anyways so its just easier to do this step first, also sometimes I will rake out the corners or edges quickly (this helps from leaves blowing under the fence and upsetting the neighbour, for anyone who works in urban environments you know what I mean.) Cheers.
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    these are general and there are exceptions:
    work from the back of the property,
    use a rake along the fence,
    keep working in linear lines, not blowing 5 feet path, then walking back and blowing another 5, they blow into the clean areas- try to keep a line going, even around the house- like we do the back, then one side, then the front. there is a ton of going back and fourth with leaves. it helps SO much to have a 2nd person- like 3X or 4X as fast. it helps to have one person 90 degrees to you or side by side.
    blowing onto a tarp can be easier than blowing them across the entire yard sometimes,
    walk behind blowers are good for moving larger volumes of leaves than leaves stuck in the grass,
    try moving the blower in a circular motion, side to side and up and down and see what works best for you.
    good luck.

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