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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by a&j lawncare llc, Sep 24, 2011.

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    i need to make doors for a chip box i got this summer..in the past my boxes have had two barn doors.the problem i find with them is that with the loader on the front of the truck it pushes the top of the door open from the fouse of the loader..has any one ever done a door that hinged at the top??if so do u just unhook it and dump it and let the door swing open or flip it on top??
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    I have a box built on my 80" by 12' dump trailer. My vac is mounted over the tongue and blows to the back. I hinge across the top and the bottom pushes against the swing gate of the trailer. I open the trailer gate and dump. The box door just swings as it needs to. The only prob I have is the box door pushes back with the weight of the leaves and leaked debris along the seam of the box and side of the doors. I fix this by a bungee fastened to the side and hooked to the door to hold it fast. 3 years this will be my 4th with this setup.

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    i have the back door of my leaf box hinged at the top. to unload i just flip it up on top of the box and unload the truck by hand since i dont have a dump bed. i also had the problem of the weight of the leaves pushing the back door out causing it to bow a little so i added brackets and a 2x4 that goes across the back
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    OK well on our Dump trailer. I can only find one pic of the side of it..i will look for more. But on the bottom The door swings open so what we did was.

    Made a Hinged door from the top. Then to Secure it closed, we made a lip so the MAIN door holds it closed.
    I think you should be able to do the same thing....

    Only thing is we have added straps where i put the red dots So the Board doesnt explode!



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