Leaf box for 6 foot truck bed

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Mow Money Lawn Care, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. PerfectEarth

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    This past week, we arranged to have a custom aluminum leaf box built for my F550 dump bed. I went to an awning business that can do all types of nice aluminum fabrication. (they make big fabric awning frames and can do nioce truck racks, etc...)

    It will be strong 2" tubing with 1/8" side paneling, all reinforced. 4-corner tie downs to attach the box to the corner D-rings already in the bed.... removable back swing gate (we can double this thing as a chipbox setup.) Top venting with brass screening that gets installed in channeling pieces, so it can be removed and replaced easily, cleaned too.

    I will make a thread when we get it. It's going to be pretty badass I think and I'm hoping it will be not too bad to slide in and out of the dump bed. We have it designed to fit snug, but with some wiggle room.

    It's costing 3,000... 7' tall, 10' long, 7' wide

    Also just bought a new 18hp Billy Goat with extension tubes and hangers for the vac on the dump tailgate. When we dump, we plan on stopping at the shop real quick and using the Dingo to lift off the vac.
  2. ringahding

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    You ever think of just inserting a heavy duty tarp and doubling it up? This is what I have done for the past 6 six years...\

    1- 16 x 20 tarp ~ cut to fit
    4- Cables running underneath the tarp ~ 400lbs. 16 ft
    4- Pieces of flat steel
    • 2- to secure to floor of trailer
    • 2- to secure to the other end of tarp

    I still have some work to do on it, but just wanted to get you an idea for other options. We have had this 6x10 trailer just PACKED down and pull it right off.
    We use a spare truck or tie off to something. I used to have by the gate, a WINDING system and manually removed the leaves....Mounted 2 triangular mounts on each side of trailer with a round piece of steel going across and a "T" shaped piece(3')of steel welded to the end of the round piece to make it easier to wind off..

  3. Mow Money Lawn Care

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    I was planning on Treated pine with plexi glass for the inside, I would imagine that should be plenty durable to withstand the debris?
  4. Mow Money Lawn Care

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    I went with a 25hp Billy Goat leaf loader, as soon as I get it in, I will start building the box. I am a bit nervous about how fast it might fill up. I have a short bed truck. I don't know how tall I will build this, but I hope I can make it through a day of jobs before the box fills up. My previous method of mulching with the mower then blowing the mulched leaves into garden areas and woods left me with little to bring with me. Now with runs to the dump (extra charge to me) that will take up quite a bit of my time. For guys out there with a similar box on a short bed truck and comparable loader, I am curious to know how often does your leaf box fill up? I will mulch them with the mower to break them down even more, so I know that will make a bit more room.
  5. Mow Money Lawn Care

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    Does anyone have a cover for their debris loaders? To keep out of the rain?
  6. PerfectEarth

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    Wait.... you bought a 25 hp loader and it's going to blow into a 6' long truck bed??

    There might be some air flow issues with this.
  7. Mow Money Lawn Care

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    Even with a mesh tarp on top??? I have no experience with a loader, but I was under the impression that there would be plenty of room for air to escape through the top?
  8. Eurosport

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    I have a 25 HP billy goat mounted on a 12 foot dump trailer and the amount of air flow is insane. I really think you are going to want to re-think your set up. IMHO your loader is way too big for a 6 foot pick up bed. I went from a 16 hp to the 25 hp and the increased compaction and shredding is night and day. All the time you save loading is going to be wasted unloading by hand. Its a solid brick when full.

    Not trying to get you down I think you just need to seriously consider getting a dump trailer/truck to run the loader into. Depending on the size of your properties you could be filling your truck every hour of so.
  9. JohnnyRocker

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    What HP was this by the way?

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