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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SpudsM15, Oct 12, 2005.

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    WE just purchased a 6.5x12 dump trailer. I'm planning on making it a serious leaf box in the next couple of days. Now my question is. My previous leaf box ontop of my truck. I bent some emt and made the top rounded and covered with mesh tarp. Gave me a lil extra capcity.
    Now my question is this box is alone goign to be 9' high at the front of the trailer, besides the added capacity is there any benfit to making the top rounded??? More airflow??? I don't feel like wasting a few hours perfectign the bends on the emt for the top of the box!...
  2. SpudsM15

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    Anybody?? :help:
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    I am guessing you are using a leaf loader to load the material? I personally don't see any benefit at all. Man, 9' is awefully tall. Are you worried about it being too top heavy? I am sure you wouldn't want to roll it over. I have a grain truck I use that has a 6' tall box, but from the ground up it stands around 10'6". When it's packed full I am worried that the truck will tip if I go to fast around a corner.
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    Yes I will be using a leaf loader to load leaves into this box...
    After putting up 4' sides I decided to chop a 1' off of it...Just too tall I think now the front of the trailer is going to be around 8' to the top... The box only being 5'...I didn't even think about tip over. Now with cutting a foot off I think the trailer is plently heavy to not tip over, but now when I'm drving I'm going to be watching the trailer carefully....

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