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So what will every one be using for the there leaf box?

I was or am using a wood box with a mesh truck cover for the top. With a swing out vac. on a dump truck and need to bring the trailer too. so i don't think i have enough room with the vac. How an all mesh cover work instead of have wood?

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dirty jersey
bridges: e-mail this guy he is a friend of mine and he has the nicest set up for leaves.
his e-mail weatherby14@aol.com
anme mark.

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Bridges, after you do the homework, let me know.
I am presently using an all wood top on my 12' dump body. The bottom 42" is the metal bed.
I tried using an all mesh top and the dust was NASTY. I put the wood roof back on with some vent holes.


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I think more and more guys are mulching their leaves. Newspaper articles, University reports, landfill resptrictions have slowly turned perception on what to do with leaves.

Our company does $40,000 or so (which isn't much, I know) in fall leaf clean-up and we mulch them all. We haven't hauled any leaves in 2 years now.

Certainly there are companies, clients and lawns that mulching isn't acceptable/won't work.

I know this doesn't answer your question, but perhaps will give some perspective on the lack of responses.


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on our 12 ft stakes we use 10 ft of the bed .we inclose it 8 ft high with ply wood have 2 strips of stainless with holes in it 6"x 6' longnear the top. we use a tarp for the top a good canvas one .on the back of the truck were the 2 ft that isnot inclosed we mount the loaders on the right side and on the left side we put the hose and rakes and such.


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plan on building one w/ plywood sides and mesh top fitted to an insert dump should work but not sure how high i want to build it thinking of using full sheet plywood both sides


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How do you charge for the mulching of leaves while you are still mowing the lawns. Personally, I have been billing for the lawn as usual and running a total of extra time spent for a separate final bill for leaf removal in January in addition to final cleanup.

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