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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mdb landscaping, Oct 26, 2000.

  1. mdb landscaping

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    i currently have a 5 by 8 bri mar dump trailer. its that time of the year up here in CT where everyone is putting on leaf boxes. Next year i am going to put a box and leaf loader on this trailer, but i was wondering how or who made you leaf boxes and if you have any hints to make a good leaf box. does any company make a pre made leaf box possibly? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    OBRYANMAINT LawnSite Senior Member
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    hi-way makes a pre made leaf box its all steel seems it would be heavy to me

    just make a plain box out of plywood leave back and top off cover those areas w/ mesh tarp for air to escape and your set

    i built this same set up on a insert dump and works very good get around 6 or 7 yards in it
  3. pete

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    Plywood sides and mesh top like OBRYANMAINT was saying is probaly the best thing ive seen. If you get the idea to use conduit and make like a greenhouse type cover, ill save you the time. Its not as good as the plywood. Also when it comes time to crawl up in the back of the truck and smash down the leaves you do better with the plywood sides
  4. Getmow

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    The plywood sides are good. A solid top with a couple of vents are better than a mesh tarp. When the leaves are dry a mesh tarp will have dust flying everywhere.
  5. Scotty

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    I found that the mesh tarp works the best when using a truck loader. Using a solid top with vents did not let enough air out.
  6. Guest
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    We made ours out of an angle iron frame with plywood sides bolted to it. As for the top its is plywood with two vents of mesh in it. We found with the all mesh top that when the leaves are dry that too many of the chopped up leaves will blow out of the top and will create quite a mess when you are using the leaf loader.Just My two cents.
  7. pete

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    Wondering if there is a vac make / horsepower to overflow relationship here? Also what kind of truck/ volume of bed do you blow into?
  8. Getmow

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    Our solid top has a small vent in the front and a larger vent in the rear. The box will load to the top before blowing out or clogging.

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