Leaf bulk over the years

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Olylawnboy, Oct 18, 2004.

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    Anyone have any kind of ratio for the increased amount of leaves that are produced year to year by trees? I have a commertial account that think I'm nuts for trying to raise the price of my contract based on the time and amount of leaves that I have to handle. Fifteen years ago these trees were quite small and it didn't amount to much but now they are 35 feet or so and drop quite a bunch and it takes me quite a lot of extra time to handle. I've been able to mulch the best part of them in the past but now I have to clean them up before I mow for several weeks out of the season. I just don't understand how they can think I should stick to my original contract that says leaf removal is included at that price. And I already had to increase my liability ins. to 6 mil from 1.5 with no compensation so really now they are mostly a no proffit account as it is, just a break even one. The sorry thing is they are a biz we have all come to know. Any ideas?...Oly
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    IF..If..you can change the contract, I'd suggest buying leaf removal equipment and adding an extra charge to the account like this: regular leaf mulching is included as it it has been , BUT, with the over abundance of leaves that are not mulchable, they will have to be removed weekly / bi weekly prior to servicing the lawn areas to ensure a debris free lawn from XX to XX , 2004. If you can't change the contract, try to explain to them about the extra mess from mulching lots of leaves, and that you don't want to leave their property in poor condition. If they don't want to change it , do what you have to do this year, plan for another spot on the roster next year.It's hard to change after 15 years, hopefuly you can work something out and keep the account.Best of luck!
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    You have had the same contract with them for 15 years and have not raised your prices? Sounds like they got a pretty good deal. They're playing you, man. They know darn well it would cost them more to hire another company to handle those leaves. It would be really hard to come up with a figure for the increase in the amount of leaves a tree drops over a year. The only figure you should need is the amount of extra time it takes to do the job. Explain it to them in terms of labor, and if they won't pay, either figure out a more efficient way to handle the leaves or drop them. Don't work to break even!
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    Yes, ask them if they have increased prices in the last 15 years.

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