Leaf clean-up customers are driving me nuts

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by General Grounds, Dec 13, 2001.

  1. Runner

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    We're still doing leaves, too, but the places are shaped up enough that they are not complaining. (Granted, all the regulars are done, I'm just doing extras, now) If they are complaining, it has to be for a reason. I would get to the bottom of that, and remedy it. Now, first you said that you sent your cleanup schedule out (same as last year), with the target dates on them and you have people who are scheduled later this month who are screaming. Well who did the scheduling? Was it the company? Or, was it by THEIR choice that they are scheduled this late? If THEY picked that late of a date, (which I can't understand why ANYbody would say the middle of December), then so be it. That's when they wanted it done, they have nothing to scream about. But, I'm willing to bet, that if you were to send out a little questionare, asking them when they would like to have their leaves picked up, then I'd be wiling to bet, that they'd say a bit sooner than now. Again, many of times we have snow on the ground by now.
  2. jjfehr

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    why unprofessional random splashes of round up? I'm a pro and intend to prove that to the pissy client! I look at the lawn like a picaso canvas. I take the time to detail the fine mature message like "Don't hate me because I'm gay" or a great outline of an unmetionable male organ. j.k. I will tell you though that round up works great for killing pines planted on your prop. by a neighbor!
  3. 1grnlwn

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    Doesn't anybody use round-up dry?
  4. wolfpacklawn

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    Yes, I use roundup dry and I love it. I switched to it from the liquid earlier this year.
  5. General Grounds

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    :blob3: Runner your right if many did'nt ask to be done late then i can see them bitching,but the people bitching are the ones who where done later than sooner for five years without a word, on my proposal i tell them if they need to be done early for any reason please state and it will be done, many people that are complaining said nothing and intialed the appox, date thats why im stupified. also we many pin oaks here which drop very late if not until spring, our bradford pears drop late as well, many cutomers ask to done late because there neighbors are done late and they want to wait until there done so they dont get there leaves.T
  6. 1grnlwn

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    Around here the grass is still growing when leaves are falling. We usually will 2 or 3 leaf removals, the last being final cleanup. Average being there every two or three weeks. I would think that would be better for the grass. Plus there are some applicators that won't apply while ground is covered in leaves. Although we use granular and don't sweat the leaves too much. I guess you have to do what client wants. 140 thats a s--- load. If it snows do you just wait till spring or till you can get out again?
  7. plow kid

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    You guys are still doing leaf cleanups, WOW~ I have ben done for a week and a half now ~ BigNate
  8. lawnboy11

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    Won't finish clean ups until 12/21. Always that way here. 90% of leaves are already out though and just have to do a final clean up. Leaves drop very late like oaks,beech, pear. If done earlier they would look crappy all winter.
  9. General Grounds

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    :blob3: lawnboy, i think many of the guys writing in dont realize that our lawn maintenance does'nt end util the week of thanksgiving, i quess i would be second guessing as well. T
  10. Charles

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    I schedule 2 leaf cleanups for those customers who are not so picky. Some want it done every week or 2 weeks and some dont care long as you get it done before Christmas. But with all this rain we are having I will finish up by jan 15th. I know up north your leaves fall sooner than ours and they been sitting awhile by December the 15th. Maybe move them up to december the 1st. You have ot be a little more flexible when working with the public. They change year to year day to day minute to minute second to second

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