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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by thom, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. thom

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    Would you include this statement on your Autumn or Spring clean up quotes??

    All loose leaves will be removed from the lawn.
    Leaves that are inaccessible will be left in place.

    Please note:
    After the cleanup service, wind may put leaves from
    the adjacent properties onto your property.
    If an additional cleanup is needed, a separate quote will be provided
  2. Matthews Lawn Care

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    No. Take before and after pictures on leaf cleanups. I’m really open with my customers tho, I explain in the beginning that they will prob need a few rounds based on how their neighbors treat their lawns.
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  3. RLeClair

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    I think the majority of clients understand that wind blows leaves, and that some tight spots might not be totally leaf free. Any customer who doesn't get this is probably a PITA for that and other reasons too.

    To be honest though, there are very few spots that can't be cleaned to satisfaction with the proper combination of rake, hard rake, and multiple blower air-streams. For example, yesterday I did a cleanup with a very dense forsythia hedge running along a house face with an AC on one side. I had my helper blow the leaves from the front of the hedge to the wall, while I used my blower to push them to the space between the shrubs. We then used a hard rake to pull them out. It didn't take too long.

    I think that with a little thought and technique, you shouldn't really be running into spots where leaves can't be removed. The only times that I really say screw it is with thorny shrubs like barberry, where the leaves are impaled by thorns.
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  4. RLeClair

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    But, as was previously stated, just talking with the customer up front might be a good CYA move.
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  5. Koehn's Lawn Service

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    I usually send out my fall letters end of sept. I keep it as simple as possible for the customer so there is no questions about what I am doing. I just let them know when the leaves start falling there will be an extra charge all depending on time spent on property. I put my number on there if they have questions they will call. They know that I will be on there properties taking care of leaves several times before we do final cleanups. I have learned to keep it simple so I don't start confusing them about things. Don't overthink things just keep it nice and straight forward and simple. Im just sharing with you what I do. If the info you shared with us is what you want to send to your customers its your business so do what feels right to you.

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