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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Meg-Mo, Sep 22, 2004.

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    I'm noticing about 1/2 of the threads are about leaf clean-up. Making container to haul away leaves, buying blowers to blow leaves to the curb or bagging. I have tried all these things in the past 30 years. Now by using the Meg-Mo system and a closure, this will eliminate 95% of catching and/or moving and hauling away the leaves. You don't need the blowers, catchers or haulers. Our system cuts, mulches and destroys the leaves so that you will only have about a 5 gallon bucket of leaves left in the average yard.
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    I see you posting in every one of these threads about leaves and such and I was wondering if i buy your product, put it on my mower and mow some leaves with it and if i don't like it do i get to return the product? Because you preach that they're so good I'd like to see for my self.
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    there should be a major concern as well about the amount of thatch you are adding to a yard that way and if part of the grass is covered, could lead to mold and dead spots in the lawn
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    If your results are true I would buy then in a second. Has anyone seen or had results like the ones Mega Mo are claiming?????????
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    We do not expect you to keep our product if you do not like it. We refund the full amount of the blades, but we do not refund the shipping. We do charge a 20% restocking fee if you do not call us if you have a problem to let us trouble shoot.
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    Thatch in the largest percentage of the cases is not caused by mulched leaves or grass clippings. Thatch is cause by the root system of the grass. That's why core aerification should be done every two to three years.
  7. DLCS

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    Yes, I had excellent results last year mulching leaves with Meg Mo blades. I did more leaf clean-ups last year than in previous years and I only bagged a handful of lawns and that was on the final leaf clean-up only, for those properties. Even if you bag all the leaves and not mulch, you still can benefit from Meg Mo blades, cause you can get more in the bagger after they are shredded. I use the Meg Mo blades year round but Fall is where they really shine.
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    Okay Meg-Mo you got me interested.

    I have a 2003 Hustler Super Mini Z 52" which has 3 spindles and has the Quickchute to close off the opening.

    1. How much for the blades for my setup? How much is for shipping to Kansas City Mo. area?
    2. Then how long do I have to return them if they don't work with the leaves like I think they should?
    3. Do they chop up Oak leaves very good?
    4. Do they work good on heavy bluegrass/ light fescue during the mowing season?

    Oh yea, can I get 15% off if I send you my business card since I am not going to the show.
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    The blades for your mower are $179.85 plus $15.00 for shipping. The MEG MO will cut all types of leaves. You have 30 days for the 100%. The blades do very go any type of grass. Sorry the sec. has gone home as we are leaving for EXPO in about 1 hr.
  10. John Gamba

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    I'd like to add to this. Not only do they chop and rechop you have virtually no deck blow out. If you use them with an ocdc you can go over the leaves like you are mulching, then a flip of the leaver you can bag the rest. You will leave with a lot less. Last year a friend was amazed at how the blades worked on WET LEAVES, His grass hopper just mushed them. I have already ordered my set for my new mower and i ordered roys new ocdc.

    Have a happy leaf season :waving:
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