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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by U grow it... I'll mow it, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. the scaper

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    I only give breaks to people who are giving me one , so that usually puts us on the same playing field. What type of equipment are you using?
  2. locutus

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    This kind of crap is almost always a lie. I had a client, whom I found out later was a real estate agent, tell me she was on a fixed income. She now pays premium prices for her lawncare.
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  4. zmowing

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    In the day I would rake a small yard all day 6 to 8 Hrs. for $ 250.00. Now I have big blowers to blow the leafs to the dumb truck then suck them into the truck gone, in less than a hour. Why do they ***** ? same job just less time for me.
  5. the scaper

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    All of my customers pay a premium price, if not, they're not my customers for long. I give them a premium on time service though, I can honestly say that I can count this years complaints on one hand!!
  6. Wil22

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    I had a customer call and ask me to give a quote on his yard and two other homes. He told me to plan on spending the day. I'll go back to see him today and I'll give him a price of 560.00 for my time This is my first winter and I'm trying to get a feel for it.

    I figure me and a helper 8 hrs X 70.00 per hour. If I get it good if not.. next.
  7. the scaper

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    I wouldnt rely on what the customer said about the amount of time. I've had people who thought I was going to be there most of the day, then I'd pull up with my equipment and helper and be finished in an hour and a half. They seem to have a visualization of a rake and a wheel barrow or something. My technique is quite differant. I'm not sure if one could command those kind of prices if he were using a yard rake but when they see expensive equipment shoving heaping piles of wet leaves accross the yard they pretty much know they're gonna have to come off with some green!
  8. all degree

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    You must be superman!

    $300/45 per tarp =6.6 tarps 45min/6.6tarps=one tarp every 6.8 minutes.

    So you blow the leaves into piles and then tarp them out almost 7 times in 45 minutes?

    Dude thats pretty good!

    I can tell you that if I had 600sqft of leaves to clean up and then tarp out it would take me at least 4 hours. I would charge $75/hr and make that same $300.
  9. RedWingsDet

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    I put the blower on my back, my worker has a blower in his back, we make the piles, then we grab the tarp and rakes and rake the leaves on the tarp and then dump em in the truck. Works AWSOME!

    Try it, I made some serious cash this fall using that method.

    Reason I dont charge hourly is that it seems like you d!ck around more, where you can charge by the tarp, hustle, and then have that much more time for other leaf clean up jobs!!!!!!!!

    Hope this helps, and I hope you try it!!!

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