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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ztrguy, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. ztrguy

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    Ok, here's the scenario. I have to park out on the street with my leaf cleanup equipment. The front yard is probably 1/4 acre, but the back yard is closer to 3/4 acre. All the leaves are in the very back of the property. That's a long ways to blow the leaves all the way to the front of the property. To make matters worse, the back yard is fenced in with a 48" gate. So, I would have to blow all the leaves through the gate and closer to the truck. Or take the tarp and make 128 trips from the back yard to the truck. My question is, would it be more efficient and faster to get one of those self propelled lawn vacuums and suck the leaves up in the back yard. Then maybe dump the shredded leaves from the lawn vacuum bag on a tarp and eventually make one trip with the tarp from the back yard to the truck. And then dump the shredded leaves and suck them up with the big boy leaf loader. I hate pulling tarps from the back of the property all the way to the front. You loose leaves along the way. It takes time to blow the leaves onto the tarp. Then you have to dump the tarp several times. I'm thinking the lawn vacuum idea might work. Has anyone else tried this under these circumstances? I'm not worried about spending money to make things easier and more efficient.
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    If the area is turf I would try mulching the leaves into the lawn with a powerful ztr. This will take 2 cuts. One going vertically then the second going perpendicualr to you last one. I myself just blow all the leaves into the lawn and mulch them up. Turns everthing into dust. Which reminds me get a dust mask.:dancing:
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    we have a Little Wonder HPV (leaf and debris vac) and it only holds so much. Instead of 128 trips you might make 100.
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    We mulch BUT it sound like you have a whole lot of leaves. Any woods nearby?
  5. ed2hess

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    I think it all depends on how much you think you can charge for the job. The 128 trips would warrant a lot more money than using a big 48"ZTR to mulch them into dust. In our area we have giving up on trying to sell anyone on spending more than $100. So we mulch them into dust, pick up the remains with the Walker and put it into 3 plastic bag, slap on a $3 garabage sticker and drive off.
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    Can't use ZTR's where I'm workin. We have to remove the leaves. There's no place to hide them in woods or whatever. We have lots of yards that are fenced in and have about 20 oak trees in the back yards. That means $$$
  7. Groomer

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    We have the same situation with alot of our properties, sometimes it comes done to the old tarp method, pile em, load em, drag em! I did make a harness out of an old tie down strap so I can use a walkbehind to drag the loaded tarp. There's guys on here who couldn't imagine the piles of leaves we turn out! Ain't no mulching when it gets to that stage. We put them in the street and an LCO I know picks them up for a fee. He's got the BIG truck and the municipal-sized diesel vaccum.
  8. nt1

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    What do you mean a $3 garbage sticker? Will the city pick them up curbside at $3 a bag?
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  10. milsaps118

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    Why can't you use your ZTR? Because of the fence? If this is the case, I always take a section of the fence apart( If it's chain link). Undo the the fence from the brackets and slid it back, if the top bar on the fence doesn't allow your mower to clear under it, pull that section of the pipe out. It's simple and works out slick. If you have trouble stretching the fence back into place, use some ratchet straps as a come-along and pull it back into place. I do this all the time when ever I get clean up jobs that have chain link fences, just make sure you tell the homeowner. I've never had a problem with them opposing to this method. This is going to save you all those trips back and forth allowing you to do more jobs that day. Remember...Volume = $$$$. Hope this helps.

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