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Leaf Cleanup Expectations

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I'm new to this business and was wondering what everyone else tries to accomplish in a leaf cleanup. I mean do you try to get every single leaf? Maybe I need to explain a little: I've been doing cleanups here and I bid for a certain amout of time, but then, once I get going I find myself taking way longer than I should because some leaves are small and stuck in the Bermuda and very difficult to blow out. I dunno. I am a solo, so I know I'm not gonna be super fast or anything, but I think maybe I'm trying to get things TOO perfect. Any thoughts?
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If the people seem decent, and you're by the hour.....

I just ask them... when you think you're OK to call it quits, have them come out an take a look. Ask if they want you to keep the meter running.

Seems to work well until you have worked for them long enough to understand their expectations.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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