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Leaf Cleanup Expectations

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I'm new to this business and was wondering what everyone else tries to accomplish in a leaf cleanup. I mean do you try to get every single leaf? Maybe I need to explain a little: I've been doing cleanups here and I bid for a certain amout of time, but then, once I get going I find myself taking way longer than I should because some leaves are small and stuck in the Bermuda and very difficult to blow out. I dunno. I am a solo, so I know I'm not gonna be super fast or anything, but I think maybe I'm trying to get things TOO perfect. Any thoughts?
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That's why I do all my cleanups hourly. There's a big difference time wise between getting 90% of the leaves out of the ground cover and 100% or here in the norhteast, getting every last acorn. If someone wants it done more detailed, no problem, but it's gonna cost.
Exceeding your cutomer's expectations by a little is good business, exceeding them by a lot isn't.
For my regulars, I just do the job and don't even discuss it when I'm done. For one time cleanup customers, a lot of the time they are watching and will actually come out with a check before I'm even done. If not, I will usually know and ask them to walk the lawn with me in case I missed anything, not being familiar with their property. Most of the time they don't bother and just write the check.

Have you ever seen what a property looks like after the average homeowner is done doing a leaf cleanup by certainly wouldn't meet my standards. So in general, anything above and beyond what they could do themselves is going to get their approval, especially if you give it a final mow with the bagger on and leave a nice set of stripes.
I don't get advances from people on jobs that don't require materials anymore. I find once they send an advance they expect the job done instantly. And since my one timers take a back seat to my regulars, they can be a pain about it. I usually only service a few one timers a year and it seems they're usually home...only did 3 last season and all were there when I did the jobs...left with checks for the full amount. Actually one paid me $300 even though I only asked for $ kind of customer.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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