leaf cleanup. how to. video link.

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by borwicks, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. borwicks

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    if you cant grind them up and leave them I have found this is one of the fastest ways to clean up dry or wet leaves. leave that back pack blower on the trailer. we normally lay out a tarp in a central area close to load area and start blowing. other times we will grind the crap out of them take the "big" blower and run across the yard to blow them into the blades. The video and pics are different yards. The yard in video use to take about 9 man hours to clean beds and yards now down to under a hour. The yard in pics has taken 2 guys 2 days before and we hauled off 30 yards of waste. now takes one guy 4 hours and we haul nothing off. Both customers are 100 percent happy.

    Picture 720.jpg

    Picture 719.jpg

    Picture 727.jpg

    Picture 723.jpg
  2. borwicks

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    some more finish pics....yes there is still some leaves because there still falling. wind that day was 20mph.

    Picture 728.jpg

    Picture 722.jpg
  3. knox gsl

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    So what did you do that is revolutionary? All I saw was a little wonder blower moving leaves off the street. I'm interested in learning more, I hate to haul stuff off.
  4. borwicks

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    My point is. Work smarter with the enviroment in mind. There is nothing new. But every year I see LCOs approaching leaf clean up with the wrong equipment or wrong approach. Every year homeowners want there leaves cleaned up. They want them bagged and hauled off. I do there yard without bagging and see if they say anything. Never have I got a call. T
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  5. borwicks

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    Also read the entire first post. This is just a little info on "my" approach to faster and smarter cleanup
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  6. Lefet

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    I have to agree, I didn't see anything "revolutionary" nor anything that we don't already do. And unless I blinked, I never saw a tarp. Just a little wonder blowing leaves up the curb. So where's the "smarter, faster, with no hauling away?"
  7. borwicks

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    Ok. Again. Refer to my comments. Don't just look at video and pics. I have times listed. Maybe this is beyound you guys that know "how to" Neither job required a tarp. And the blower is for reference on speed and referring to guys that would use a back pack blower or rakes. You are all to smart and must not work in this area. There are smart guys here but I see a lot of rookies.
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  8. Oakleaf landscape

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    Wow you left a lot of leafs in those bushes... Not quality work IMO...
  9. Gravelyftw

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    was thinking the exact same thing. man that is horrible quality. You need to raise your standards. If i left a job looking like that i can expect to not have that yard anymore.
  10. borwicks

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    darn....you know every time i post on here i always leave out details...im sure i posted that the wind was blowing 20+mph with gusting to 30mph. YEA I DID...this was the first area that was cleaned...SPOTLESS.....GUESS I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN PICTURE RIGHT AFTER WARDS...NOT 4 HOURS LATER..

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