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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by mowerbrad, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. punt66

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    a row at the street is much easier to vac the 1 big wet pile of leaves unless you have a HUGE vac.
  2. mowerbrad

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    you bring up a good point...
  3. Darryl G

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    I thought that too, lol. People usually have the best intentions of following instructions but have limited time and stamina. Usually when I pull up it's more like WTF, I thought i made myself pretty clear...this is going to cost them! I just take it all in stride though.

    For piles made by customers, I usually just lay the hose on the ground and use a stiff rake, like a 24 inch aluminum landscape rake, to feed it to avoid sucking up sticks and "debris".
  4. stan the man

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    sorry i was in a rush to get out of here to go up north bow hunting for deer. what i was saying it take more then 10 to 20 min for me to load up. all my account have a row along the driveway and along the curb to they don't put them in piles .so i have to get in and out of the truck and move it. and a lot of my account are 1 to 2 load of leaves. all i ask is to put the sticks in one pile. i see guys saying 50.00 and 60.00 i don't think that will cover the over head. if people don't like the amount i charge to bad i don't care.last Monday curb siding it was all most 1000.00 day on. the lco that i pick up for it is easy because it is all in one pile and i get it that day after i am done doing my fall clean up.
  5. Miller Time

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    the rig have would probably work great for your idea. The pics are of my leaf vac and it slides into my hitch mount on the truck. Weather and ground conditions permitting I can pull the truck anywhere it can fit to suck up leaves. In the pics we are actually sucking up thatched lawn from a yard renovation. But the vac pulverizes and tosses the clipping into my dumper and it a dun deal. None of this :weightlifter: or this :cry:. plus the time it saves is crazy!


  6. Miller Time

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    here's one more pic of the new hitch attachment I bought, so I can tow my dump trailer along while keeping the vac inserted to hitch. Now all I have to do is turn the shoot around when my dumper is full and fill up the trailer. One stop shop for leaves this year! I no longer dread the fall. Of coarse I'll still be fighting the daylight. :hammerhead:

  7. Miller Time

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    Not that bagging doesn't work better for you but, if you have large accounts a vac is the way to go (in my opinon) I have a few town home and apartments complexs that are over 30 acres (managed) establishments, and having the guys blow leaves in piles and into the gutter for the vac to come suck it up is much easier and economical. If I were to use the mowers I would have to fill them up with fuel three times a day to get all the leaves, the crap load of hours that they would accumulate not to mention breaking my guys backs. We can keep going even when the truck is off dumping. Now dont get me wrong the bagger system has it merrits for certain jobs FOR SURE. Once again this is JMHO
  8. mowerbrad

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    I was thinking that if I use a rake I may be able to avoid sucking up much debris besides the leaves. I'm sure I'd run into some problems but I think for the most part I should have pretty good luck with this.

    Lots of time between now and next season though, so all this advise I'm getting on here is going into consideration if I decide to go through with this next year.
  9. mowerbrad

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    Is that an 8" or 10" intake hose? It looks like an 8" but I can't tell exactly, how well does it do in heavy stuff? I used to have a 20hp billy goat with a 12" intake hose and that thing could really power through the leaves. I won't be going that large if I buy a new one...so it'll either be an 8" or 10".
  10. Miller Time

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    It's a 10'L 8"D hose and it works on just about anything. For instance thatch can get preety dense and heavy like this was and it was like vac'n up cotton balls. I have a replacement hose in bench stock but I'll keep using this one till it either isn't safe or just wont work. 13 or 15 B&S engine (I think) definitely B&S though. Cant remember.

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