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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by mowerbrad, Oct 18, 2010.

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    I am having great success with my rig this year.......I only do curbside pickup......I did 2 full lawn cleanups today and 3 curbside pickups..... Also handed out about 15 business cards while doing the curbside pickups..........20 minutes, 32 minutes, and 24 minutes

    Very happy with the new income stream....
  2. mowerbrad

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    So I could probably average 2 pick-ups an hour with some extra time for driving and dumping...obviously tight routes could probably help with this.

    May I ask what type of prices you charge for curbside pickup? You don't have to be exact but a range or even a minimum would help.
  3. stan the man

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    i did one today 2 truck loads it take me 2 hrs wet leaves front of the house was easy. back of the house i had to trap all the leaves out of the back of the house to the truck and i had to go in and out of gate door. 30 or 50 i wouldn't do it for that. my account don't ***** about want i bill them for so why are you.you are not paying the bill .
  4. Big Bad Bob

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    Would you pay more if I came to your house with a pickup, some tarps and a rake and shovel? Why do you want us to be penalized for spending money on equipment that makes us more efficient?
  5. stan the man

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    i think yard28 just don't like people making more then he is
  6. mowerbrad

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    That $50 (or whatever the price) will not cover me tarping leaves from the back and dragging them to my trailer and vac. It will only cover me sucking up the leaves that were piled next to the driveway or road. Basically, the pile that the customer put in the front of their house will be sucked up, not leaves that are in the backyard.

    If I have to tarp leaves from the backyard to the front so I can suck them up, it would be considered more of full fall clean-up and would be charged as such.

    If an account for me took a full 2 trailer loads (lets say 30 yards) I would charge accordingly...it would not be $50. Like I stated earlier tonight, I can expect to get 5 yards of leaves off of each typical neighborhood lawn (1/4-1/3 acre) that I would pick-up for.
  7. stan the man

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    all my account are about 2 full truck load and the leaves out back i haul out for them that is why my min is 100.00 all my places will be different then yours.
  8. mowerbrad

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    Well I'm looking over some dump trailer prices and it seems like I will be able to get an 83"x12' for $4899 and seems to be pretty well spec'ed. So I'll have to see what my trailer guys would charge to build me a dump trailer when I'm over there later.

    And for a leaf loader I'm looking at $2600 or so for a 13hp billy goat.
  9. yardguy28

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    i guess i'm thinking about all the piles of leaves that are already at the curbs of home owners now and the fact that our city comes twice during the fall season to pick up those piles.

    i don't really see that as an emergency service or even darn close to one. there is still plenty of time before the snow flies.

    now as it gets closer to that time i could see it being more of an emergency service.

    i know leaf removal is dirty work. i come home every day with a face full of dust and dirt from mowing up leaves all day.

    i would be more likely to.

    spending money on equipment that makes us more efficient is not the clients problem.

    almost none of the services we offer are emergency have to be done right now and as quick as possible services. most of the equipment we purchase that makes us more efficient is mostly to make our work less physical.

    maybe i'm ass backwards. lets use mowing as an example.

    lets say you have 2 acres to mow. i would charge something that large out on man hours. pick your piece of equipment 36" wb or 52" stander. the 52" stander is going to get the job done quicker therefor less man hours which equals less money the client is invoiced. at least for me thats the way i do it.

    i know some guys charge more the larger the equipment is. which doesn't make sense. you pay more the quicker the job gets done? if that were the case clients would say take all day to cut my grass using your smaller equipment so i can get a cheaper rate.
  10. knox gsl

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    Here is the deal, in my yard I have to make 3 trips to the dump to unload my leaves each fall. I'm using a 6x16 trailer with 2 foot sides and I pack the sh!t out of them to only make 3 trips. Its rarely ever more than 2500 lbs on there but its leaves. It takes me about 2 hours to load it and then I have to drive to the dump 15 mins each way. While at the dump I have to unload by hand, blower or kicking. Yes I know about using a pallet and rope to unload, but there is no achor point at this location. This is not an extreme case here I just have several large hardwood trees. That being said most home owners would have a much harder time than that to get rid of theirs. I think most people are like me and would gladly pay $100 plus dollars not to have to deal with that. It may only take you 30 minutes to suck them up and 30 minutes at the dump, but it would take the average Joe 12 hours to do the same thing. So if you are looking at it that way take a 12 hour job and do it for $100, you just worked for $8.33 by average Joe's standards. Just because you did it faster doesn't mean its worth less, it just means you're more efficiant, I would never discount myself for being faster.

    Say you are a home builder and you are really fast at building homes. You can build a house with the same design, spec and quality as my crew but in only 2 weeks start to finish and my crew takes 3 months. Are you going to sell your home any cheaper because of it, we are selling are homes in the same area. As a fellow home builder you're going to piss me off if you sell your home for 60% less than mine just because you have the fastest crew. That would sour the whole market. Just give that some thought before being the loswest bidder and I'm not just talking to one person here, I'm talking to everyone.

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