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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by DLCS, Dec 14, 2012.

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    I try to get $105/hr for 2 man crew. Which probably isnt enough for the equipment i have , but people sure dont wanna pay much to have there leaves cleaned up! I have 10k in a dump truck and leaf loader i use almost exclusively for leaf cleanup. And i usually run 1 Walker and a backpack blower. We do try to be as fast an efficient as possible . Wish i had more accounts for leaf cleanup to make the investment more worthwhile, tho i no the reason i have kept some customers is because i do leaf removal when a lot of others dont
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    yeah mulching the leaves up first is a GREAT space safer.

    I have a 6 foot bed and I can fit roughly 8 houses worth of leaves in it at the beginning of the season doing them weekly.

    by the middle I have to empty the truck twice a day and by the end I'm back to emptying once a day.

    next fall I'm gonna talk more people into letting me dump at the curb. our city picks leaves up twice during the fall season and tax payer dollars pay for that. so they might as well get that benefit.
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    That is the biggest drawback to investing in that much equipment... there is generally not enough money in it to expect an adequate return...
    Sometimes by going larger you price yourself right out of the market...

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