Leaf cleanups with frost on the grass

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by greentech2007, Dec 16, 2011.

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    I am trying to understand what causes frost tracks on grass. I think it takes a sudden freeze. After its been cold for a week or two it does not happen. I walked on my grass yesterday when it was 25--no problem at all. Frost on the grass does not seem to happen later during cold weather.

    If the grass makes a sound like walking on frozen needles of glass--stay off.
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    I stay off frosted grass. It will damage it.
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    I think you notice the damage most when we have the kind of weather we have been having or when there is a sudden first frost. The grass is stilll feeding pretty good, so there is a lot of water stored in the cells, when it gets cold quick it freezes and expands, the wetter and warmer it has been the closer it is to bursting, step on it and it quietly goes boom!
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    Yes, sometimes the grass is brittle and sometimes not, when it is brittle the damage is almost complete, leaving dead grass foot and tire prints.

    The weather conditions are a big factor, but through chemical change, the leaves become more or less resilient to breakage.

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