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i'm thinking of purchasing a trailer mounted vacuum for removing leaves. what do you guys ( or gals) reccommend.

i only need something small. it will be on a 5 x 10' trailer

i want to start adding this as an extra service but am trying to find out the best vac for a small leaf operation and an estimated cost for it.

Thanks : ffemt1271


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springfield, Mo
In small applications i use my blue bird vac and reverse the outlet and inlet hose and blow it into my tarped truck bed i can get several loads of leaves in it. about 7 loads of leaves from my vac.

During heavy leaf season i have a tail gate mounted 16 H.P. billygoat for sucking up the leaves and i have 4' sides with a canvas tarp.

Here I charged anywhere from $ 50 - $75 an hour.


Yardley, PA.
Depends on what you want to spend. I get the impression from your post that you don't want to go all balls out, and want to start off small (affordable).

I bought a nice used 11hp unit for $750. So you don't have to spend thousand of dollars on these. There are some nice deals on used ones out there.

With you using a dump trailer, I'd definately mount it on the tongue. (a note to those in the market for a leaf loader, DON'T mount a tailgate unit on your tailgate!. It can dent the tailgate, and more importantly, it is a nightmare to take off when you have a full box of leaves! I learned the hard way).

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