leaf job done in half the time

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I take care of a doctors property thats about 13 acres-8 of which I do a leaf removal. In the past we used push blow them into piles and tarp them. (luckly- we just drag them into the woods.

This year I had a better idea. I put my 6' landscape rake on the back of my tractor. I would drag the bulck of them into the woods, while two men with backpack blowers would start on one end and keep piling them up, and I just kept coming by and taking them.

The only thing is you have to make sure your rake dosen't dig into the yard. Where we were raking it's all dirt. If its a nice yard I would think of getting wheels for the rake

The job used to take a week. We were out for a day and nearly knocked it out.
I showed a buddy of mine who has a lawncare bus.- he was impressed. He's getting ready to start a leaf removal at a mobile home park. his men are going to blow every thing into the road and sub me out to come by and drag them. Then I do'nt know what he's going to do with the pile!



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I like the rake but only on those yds that
have built up a lot of leaves.IM going to
paint mine tomorrow.On the regulars i
can mulch a lot better than rake as they
dont get bad.


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If you're using a tractor, it kind of gives you the idea of building a giant leaf plow, doesn't it?

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