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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by XxGroundControlxX, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. XxGroundControlxX

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    Yes im a newbie. I was doing a leaf job/spring clean up job today with one helper the old fashion way with some rakes and tarp plus a small leaf blower. i broke one of my leaf rakes during the job. Do I charge customer for the price of a new one?? And how do i go about doing that if i do?
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  2. XxGroundControlxX

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    Also do you include cost of gas for blower and gas for truck? And how do you go about doing that? And how do you write up a good bill for the job? Including raking leaves and picking up sticks?
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  3. Townhouse Yards

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    I wouldn't. If its your own fault that you broke the rake, then its your own fault, and you shouldn't charge the customer. If they broke it, then I might consider it.
    Writing up a bill: I played around microsoft word for an hour, and got myself a general invoice that I use for everything. It's actually a template for me on word now. With charging for gas: I have a small section in the bill called misc. I include gas prices in there. If the customer asks, I explain to them that's where I put my price for gasoline for the equipment, and truck. All of mine have been ok with it so far. If your asking how to charge for a leaf removal job, use the search function. There are so many threads about this topic.
    BTW, where are you in VA?
  4. 360lawncare

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    ?? Really no you don't charge that to the customer! If you were out mowing there yard and your mower broke would you charge them also?! I think not really really wonder about people's business skills.? And you ask how to charge for this job well you figure out how much you need by the hour to make a profit figure how many hours it took and there ya go simple. You don't need to break even down just say this job will cost x amount of money and that's it.. Write up a bill for spring cleanup with a total that's it.
  5. AMW Landscaping

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    No u don't charge for the rake!!!! It was most likely your fault and a $10 rake. You don't need to put the price of gas on the bill. That is just part of your overhead and you have to figure that into bidding every job.
  6. XxGroundControlxX

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    Okay thanks to both yall. I was just wondering about the broken equipment.i kinda thought the same thing. Why would i charge them if i broke it. Ha. Yeah im just gonna put spring clean up and the total price. I count my hours and have a hourly rate and give them a total at end and thats all
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  7. PA GrassChoppers

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    Replacement equipment costs should be factored into your prices already. Search cost of doing business. Equipment does not last forever.
  8. XxGroundControlxX

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    Yeah i see thanks
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  9. CowboysLawnCareDelaware

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    Come on guys, he even said he's new, im assuming a younger guy in high school or college like me. Don't charge for the rake and im assuming your price points are pretty low if you think that you might need to charge for a rake. For future reference I would say to charge somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 per hour for you and your buddy and add on $50 for disposal fee. I don't know how great a job you did at estimating or how big the job was but I know that for my first couple landscape jobs that were clean ups I barely made a buck.

    I like these rakes a lot:


  10. XxGroundControlxX

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    Took us 9 hours and didnt even have to bag them or load them
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