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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Cleatus, Apr 26, 2004.

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    ok, i know grass is on everybody's mind. but i'm already looking ahead to the fall. i make diddly squat on leaf jobs, please make suggestions, or point out weaknesses. here's the operation....

    2-4 guys depending on size. blowers, billygoat, ztr w/ about 3 cub.ft dump collector.

    using rakes and blowers, 1-2 employees pull leaves away from property edges, from the house, from beds, etc.

    an employee on a ztr runs over piles, running to dump loads onto a tarp near trailer, where another employee loads the tarps onto the trailer, and resets the tarps.

    finally, the two with the blowers rakes and billygoat work from the back of the property forward, blowing up to the trailer, the ztr collecting along the way.

    then, the best part, going to the dump and manually unloading the trailer.

    is there a more profitable way to do this, without having to purchase major equipment? i am sure that i am already charging close to the maximum the market will allow, but i still don't make crap on them.

    if i had the money, i would get a 4wd p/up with dump bed, and hitch mounted, swing away, high hp, big hosed vac, but that ain't gonna happen unless i start making some money on leaf jobs. otherwise, i will only do it for maintenance customers who request it.

    there is plenty of work in the fall, and i could keep my employees on for probably 2-3 weeks longer if i made any effort what so ever to pick up leaf jobs. but again, i'm not going to try if i can't make more money at it.
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    what type of truck do you have now? you can get a dump insert.

    what you're saying just doesn't sounds right on how you do leaves, what size properties are you doing, how offen, how many leaves per property? it sounds like you have guys standing around doing nothing. here's how we do leaves, we get to the property ( my helper and me ) blow out the beds, around the house, trees, ect ect ect. then both of us cut at the same time, and just dump in the trucks. why blow all the leaves in a pile or all together, it will slow you down compared to having the leaves evenly dispearsed

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