Leaf loader box questions ????

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by M&S_Lawncare, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. M&S_Lawncare

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    I have added a loader vac to our equipment line up and constructed a box for it and just curious where I can get the mesh tarp so I dont keep going thru regular tarps?? I seen them in northern tool but will take a week or so and we are hot n heavy in the fall clean-ups now !!!

    Also how big are your loader boxes in cubic yards?? The one we have is 19 cubic yards! and I almost wish it was bigger..
  2. LawnScapers of Dayton

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    The mesh tarps are available at Harbor Freight, Tractor Supply, and I got mine at Northern Tools. My box is 14cy.......and I am very happy with it......mostly because it dumps itself...

  3. DaytonBioLawns

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    Also any pool supply place.... Possibly a hot tub place.... And what DRM mentioned above!

    He has a nice lil setup going on.... Wonder why his GF's house has leaves all over the front yard?! hahah Just kidding man. Wow that sounds creepy! But ya DRM I think your GF/Wife or whatever is my neighbor. I walked outside and saw your truck sitting there. And trust me! I am a Cummins guy, so I know I've seen that pretty white truck sitting at that house before (first time I noticed the window decal)! I have that new silver F250 and the old blue truck that comes in and out randomly from there (its my dads place, and he helps me a lot/I do personal work to help him out). If you ever want to school me on some stuff just give me a shout on here DRM. I think we had a run in on PS, sorry 'bout that one but I was busy w/customers dragging things out & lost your info (power surge killed my desktop). I believe you know Collin also. I just had a meeting with him recently (and I think he mentioned you).

    enough of that though, hey M&S V

    I'd say go ahead and get an over sized tarp and big washer/hardware. Get too much rather than too little.... Its worth buying one big pool tarp and cutting it up rather than running out and having to cut a lil bit out of another one (what else are you going to use 1/2 a tarp for anyways?) I would rec. going with the biggest setup you can get if you are doing curbside pickup. Also check w/ the municipality on whether the home owner can leave debris by the curb...you could get in trouble in some areas for having customers leave it on the curbside. My area isn't that way, but I've heard it before... I got my tarp right off of our pool that we got filled in! it works great! I ripped a few holes in it by using undersized washers> the bigger, the better!
  4. Mr. Mow it all

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    I looked at tractor supply, they had the 12x20 mesh I was looking for but wanted over a hundred bucks!!!! I went to harbor freight and got their 12x20 mesh tarp for 30 bucks and it works great, no rips or tears yet
  5. M&S_Lawncare

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    I scored one from tractor supply this weekend, it works great!!!!!

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