Leaf Loader per hour rate???

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by FIREMAN Q, Dec 1, 2007.


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    I was asked to come up with a per hour rate for 2 guys and my leaf loader set up. I have a 6x10 dump with a 4' box on top. It holds a lot of leaves. I was asked by a large company in my area that does not have one. i would be picking up the piles at 2 of the largest shopping complexes in the area. I would not be doing the clean-up, just the pick-up. I'm also thinking of the advertising potential with all the cars driving by.

    So my question is what would you charge for this type of service.

  2. JohnsonLawn

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    I have a similar set up, but it is a 16hp loader and a huge leaf box on my dump. Just did a job at a mobile home park, all the owners brought leaves to the curb and all I did was vac them up. I did this solo and charged $100.00/ per hour, which included dumping. I do not get charged to dump, so all it was is time driving to landfill. Hope this helps.

    FIREMAN Q LawnSite Senior Member
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    thanks for the reply. I was thinking $100. I will probably go with something close to that and just do it by myself. Just don't want to price myself right out of it, ya know.

    FIREMAN Q LawnSite Senior Member
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    does anyone else have any thoughts on this??
  5. CuttingEdge Landscaping

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    When we cleaned up yards in the fall, my partner and I had a rate of 35.00 PH, per man. Now we have a 16 hp Littlewonder truckloader, loading into a pickup with a load handler. Now our rate is 50.00 per hour per man.
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    Every area is different. You need to do a test run to find out how many trailer loads you can handle in one hour. Your dump time will drag you down if you have any distance to travel to unload. In an hours time you should be able to get 3 loads if the piles are clean and close togeather. I quit picking up piles that some one else has created because they never put them in a good place to get at and they don't care how much rubbish is in the piles.

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    I decided to make to offer of $100 an hr. this includes dump fee's and all. Now this was for a larger company that didn't have a set up and was doing it by the truck load. I made to offer at the end of the season. I am hoping it will work out for this fall.

    now I am offering the curbside pick up at $125 a load. After my first season doing it I found that this price is probably not enough. I do have a place to dump for free but mud was a factor this year. truck and trailer was stuck for a time and had to unload trailer by hand to get it out...When I have to pay to dump it is 28 a ton. Sound great and cheap until the leaves are soaking wet or your load has a lot of pine needles in it. I had one load that was in the area of 75 $$$.

    I filled the trailer only 1 time. I can't believe how many leaves I was able to get into the trailer.

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