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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by joee0914, Oct 23, 2011.

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    Last friday I picked up my new billy goat 18hp leaf loader (ill try and get pics of the loader and leaf box i made up soon). After some debate I decided to mount the loader on my trailer. I plan on making a stand/mount out of 4x4 and layered 5/8 plywood. I will use the 4x4s for the legs of the stand, then reinforce them with 2x4s and make a table top of double layered 5/8 plywood. The whole stand will sit in the front of my trailer and slide partially under the landscape basket in front. Everything will be bolted in with steel L brackets for support and the loader will be bolted onto the mount and also strapped down with one or two straps.

    What I was wonder was if anyone has done something similar to this and how well it worked out for you???

    ...next year imgoing to have a fabricator make me mount for the tongue of my trailer
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    Yeah we did it. We have a Huge 26hp (?) billy goat on the front of our dumpster trailer. This works well as long as you dont make sharp turns. Also the longer your Tongue the better....no pun intended.

    Same way guys dent the front of their trailers with dump trucks on tight turns...You can mess up your leaf loader if it sticks out too far and you make a tight turn.

    Currently designing a box/ cover for it so i can keep the motor dry. Then add some security to it with a lock.

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    Hey Joee any picture of finished product ?

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