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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SpudsM15, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. SpudsM15

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    We currently use a 16hp billygoat loader. Machine is in 4th season obvious wear on the intake tube, and exhaust elbow. Only problem I have with it is it is a little slow for the pace we move at now. 5ppl currently vs- 2-3ppl.(last season)
    I've been looking at the 27hp little wonder as a upgrade option. Mainly because I will be able to mount it the same way as the current machine is mounted: Just behind the tonge of the trailer.
    Have any of you have made a similar upgrade? And if so will the time saved make up 5.5k price tag on the machine. I beleive I paid 3.5k for the billygoat.
    If the increase in productivity isn't suffcient enough. I will have to go with a tow-behind upwards of 45hp Giant-vac maybe?
  2. SpudsM15

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  3. Breezmeister

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    Back in the day when I worked for a commercial LCO, a six man crew would
    clean up large props, day long and some time 2 day long operations. There was a F 600 with a 18 bed and a pick up to carry the 2 Little Wonder blowers and 4 back pack blowers. The tow behind GV we had, had a 65 HP Wisconsin.
    All six of us would blow leaves out to parking lots or road side until lunch time.
    After lunch, three of us would load, a driver and two guys at the back of the truck just sweeping the leaves into the tube. The other three would keep on blowing until we caught up.
    Some times if we had a full load before we got caught up, the truck would be sent to the leaf dump, then come back, some times if it was a long drive, the driver would go back to the shop. Other times the truck would stay until the end of the job.
    On private properties, about one acre, we would have just a three man crew. We could load as fast as we could get the leaves out to the curb.
    It just didn't pay to have more then that.
    Before we got the GV, it was one man on the truck to pack the leaves in and every one else carried the traps to the truck :dizzy:
    If you have alot of leaves and small jobs, I would go with a 20 hp tow behind. But if you have alot of leaves and big jobs, go with the biggest engine you can get.:weightlifter:
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  4. SpudsM15

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    I've seen a big towbehind in action. They are pretty crazy. Have you have any experience with a 25hp unit?
  5. Breezmeister

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    Personally, no, I havn't been out in the field in over ten years, work in a repair shop now. But, the guy a few doors down has a 20hp Command Kohler GV and he loves it. He can fill 2 trucks a day. A F450 with a 12 foot bed and a F550 with a 18 foot bed. I really don't know how many guys he runs.
    I look at it this way, if you are running one truck, get a Billy Goat or a skid mounted GV. But if you are running two trucks, get the trailer mounted GV so you can switch from truck to truck. 20hp and up, the more power the better:cool2:
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  6. Uranus

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    I have the 22hp little wonder leaf loader. Great machine. I'm only filling a box on a dump insert thou. All the power I need. Never get clogged up. Wet leaves move through it fine. Personally I think 16 hp loaders are to small for what I need.
  7. rootslawnservice

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    I have the new BG 25 hp, and it's great. Check out my pictures in the truck and trailer forum.
  8. chesterlawn

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    I used to have a 30hp tow behind giant vac. That would suck leaves as fast as you could feed it . It was as fast as the township vacuums, sometimes we would be side by side on streets and one was no faster than the other.
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    Hey spuds,

    I keep seeing the word "bump" on here, what does it mean?
    Is it short for something?
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    he just wants to bump his thread to the top so more people will notice it. otherwise it can get buring a couple of pages back and not seen as much.

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