Leaf Loader Use/Abuse


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The "warning" label on a 16hp LW leaf loader says for leaves and grass clippings only.

How careful must I be to avoid putting acorns and small twigs through this baby? Will they simply reduce impeller life, or are we talking about limping home with a handful of parts?


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sometimes you don't really have a choice, while your picking up a big pile of leaves. Especially when a homeowner rakes them up. You will find just about anything in it, most of the time as you see it entering the hose. Lots of stone, and pieces of metal, I will be charging slightly more for you rake em we take em services. So far no damage to the impeller etc. Now on my leaf collection system, on my mower, I've replaced the impeller, and a couple pulley's, the impeller was just for preventative maintenance, now I have a spare.


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I sucked up small branches, twigs, plants, and a few pieces of junk mail last fall with my lw loader and it didn't affect the blades on the thing at all. What you have to watch out with sticks is getting them wedged in the intake hose or exit chutes.



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Eventually the rocks, acorns, and twigs eat holes in the housing around the impeller and it wears the impellar, but then agin we have had ours for 10 years.

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