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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jones68, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. jones68

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    I am thinking about getting into the leaf pick up for other landscapers in my area. the towns dont pick up the leafs unless they are in those paper bags. i think there is a big market for someone with a loader and dump. this year i only picked up from my lawn customers and i used a 1985 or 87 little wonder 11hp push blower. back then hoses were an option for the intake and discharge side of the unit. she wasnt pretty but she did get the job done for what i had to do and it beat tarping them into the trailer. my question is for you guys that are already set up in this do you prefer the billy goat or little wonder leaf loaders and what size engine. I have been comparing the 25 hp billy goat to the 27 hp little wonder. I know they are big but i have a feeling that this will really take off considering i had people asking me everyday that i was out with this rigged up set up that i was using "what is that? how does it work?" people saying they had never seen a leaf loader before. what do you guys think? :usflag:
  2. TNGrassCutter

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    I am thinking about setting up for the same around here. I've never seen anyone else do it but there are homeowners all over who rake up their leaves and leave them in piles til they finally get around to bagging them all.
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  3. elbow300

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    We do a TON of leaf work this time of year. We got out front of most of the contractors in the area with our vac system. We run a wooden box on a 12 x 8 stake rail flat bed dump, with a 16 horse lesco loader. We see an advantage in our market offering the collection service over out competitors who either grind or tarp and drag to the woods. We have not had much luck offering vacuum collection to other contractors. I think guys are reluctant to expose another company to their clients, especially if they offer more services.
  4. TNGrassCutter

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    I just wanted to offer it to homeowners who will rake but don't have an easy way to dispose of the leaves. I saw on CL 16' goose neck dump trailer with a leaf loader mounted on it that would be perfect.
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  5. SDLandscapes VT

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    Look at Monster vac systems and if you plan on doing huge volume I would go with a belt driven vac and a truck with a capacity greater than 20 yards
  6. RSK Property Maintenance

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    I think there is a big market for it. i have a 16hp giant vac leaf loader, and its does just fine, my old boss has the same one, he bought his new in 1987 for 5300 and hasn't done much to it. he replaced the impeller a few times, and the hose that sucks everything up, other then that just add gas and change the oil once a year. pretty good profitability if you have the work.

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