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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MIKEJ, Mar 8, 2003.

  1. MIKEJ

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    I am considering purchasing a leaf loader for this coming season. I have been using tarps and barrells over the tailgate till now and really dont think it is the most productive way to go. Is a leaf loader worth the purchase as far as productivity goes? I'm thinking of getting a 16hp Lesco. Do any of you have a lesco loader and how do you like it? How much do they cost? Thanks guys
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    Do a search on "leaf loader" or "leaf vac". You'll get a lot more info there than asking an old question again. There is a thread just below this now on "Debris loaders" with 15 replies.
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    I bought a used giant vac for 400.00, complete with suction hoses. Took it to the local fix all shop and had it competely gone thru an tuned up for 130.00. Mounted it to the front of my truck. Built a 4x8' box on the back (150.00). couple a back pack blowers(stihls) 2 new ones(800.00), and I was off an running. A 2 week add netted me bout $5000.00 in a little over a month. Not bad for a 1500.00 investment. It was all spur of the moment actually because I was going to coast thru the winter on whatever snow plowing I could get. I was just bored.;) :drinkup:

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    Last year I purchased a 16hp Lesco loader. Before that I was using tarps and barrels. This loader is worth every penny. I paid about 2400 dollars. This includes the swing mount. I would highly recommend the swing mount. It is mounted on a F-250. I made a leaf box for my truck. Dry leaves get sucked in very fast and wet ones were a little slower. The really nice thing is the leaves get reduced about 6 times. You can also unload your truck with it. I am a small company( myself and my wife) Hope this helps and if there are any other questions email me at: mmacsek@enter.net Matt

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