Leaf marketing...so few "bites"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GarPA, Nov 8, 2003.

  1. GarPA

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    We only advertise about 8 weeks of the year. Early spring and early fall. We run a fairly large display ad in a weekly local paper(not the actual newspaper...one of those regional types.) We get good results for just about every service we offer, except for leaf removal. THis is the 3rd year and the results for leaf removal have been poor. Its a very nice ad , perhaps too nice for price shoppers since with leaves, people just want them gone at the lowest possible price. I'm not crying that we are not buried by leaf work. Actually, since I;m always trying to figure out how customers think, I'm just more curious if you find leaf removal to be a tougher sell than your other services. We got buried for aeration, seeding, even some nice landscape installs....but only a few leaf jobs directly from the ad ....what am I missing??? thanks...

    forgot one thing...we choose not to be in the yellow pages but we are in the commercial whie pages (yes I know people dont shop there but I just can't get myself to pay the fees they want for yellow pgs) Plus most of the year I dont want my phone ringing pff the hook from people who are price shopping
  2. fastpitcher

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    I am having the same problem?:confused:
  3. locutus

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    Do none of your established clients require this service? I have all the leaf cleanups I want just with my current clients. The obvious answer to my question would be that your customers dont have many trees. Just wondering if this was the case.
  4. rodfather

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    I think they're about the easiest Gary. Lots of people will mow their own lawn each and every year until they can physically do so(and do). But I have never met anyone who likes to rake/tarp/blow leaves (unless they're like 11 or so) no matter what their age.

    You may not be missing anything btw...and if you want, you can come and help me and my guys when you're finished with your clients...LMAO

    Don't worry, soon you'll be reving up the ole snow blower. HaHa.
  5. GarPA

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    60% of our business is commerical(very few trees on any of them)...but we do have some residential and yes we are doing their cleanups...between now and Christmas, I like to throw in a dozen or so good sized, one time customer cleanups....we all know how profitable(and miserable) leaves can be. I just find it strange from a sales viewpoint. Heck we are even getting numerous calls for snow removal....they want to sign up NOW....
  6. GarPA

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    by the way Roddy, I have gotten a number of COMPLIMENTS on my snow service agreement from new customers,,,basically they said its so nice to have everything clearly spelled out as to what where and when....they didnt refer to me as a Philadelphia lawyer like you did buster.....

    One thing I did notice in Jersey thats alittle different than most other places....your neighborhoods have trees EVERYWHERE...even new homes have trees...must be a law or something down there about not cutting away all the trees when they build a new housing development...it really makes for nice looking communites unlike here where they build 200 homes and cut every tree down b4 they start
  7. BSDeality

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    Garpa, I've never tried a newspaper ad myself, but my lawn signs are nice and simple, and they seem to get pretty good results.

    I've got one at my house, and one more at one of my clients (just put that one up today). Today i had 2 calls, just off the sign at my house, which isn't a main road.

    My neighbor offered permission to put one up at his office buildin in town on the main road. I gladly accepted and put one there. didn't get one call in 5 days off it. So i went and pulled it. I think cars were going by too fast to be able to catch the number, or it just blended in with the political signs from our campaigners for this years election.

    I think "KISS" applies here. Keep It Simple Stupid. my sign gets right to the point and has my phone number. nothing else for them to attempt to read or think about after they go whizzing past the sign.
  8. bobbygedd

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    gar, are u getting calls, but no takers, or just not getting calls?
  9. paponte

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    Well I didn't want to share this on the site cause I know that after I say it, the originality is over. We have about 100 cleanups we do every fall, just from steady customers. We wanted to advertise this year, and thought we would get low responses for cleanups also. Most people as you said, just want to get the lowest price, and really don't care what it looks like.

    We are trying it anyway, but I knew I had to come up with something really catchy. We made signs for the trucks, and are advertising. So I may have stole the idea from a popular milk commercial, but I think we will get hits from it. The truck simply say... "Got Leaves?" and a phone number. Have gotten comments on it already. Most people call just to see what it's all about. :cool:
  10. gogetter

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    Sorry Paponte, it's not original. ;)
    There's pics floating around here somewhere of a members set up. Big signs on the sides of his leaf box that use that slogan.

    I liked it so much when I saw it here about 2 years ago, that I decided I was going to use it too when I put a leaf box on my truck this week.
    Did you do yours yourself, or have a sign company do it for you?
    Got any pics?

    I'll see if I remember to get some pics of mine when it's done.

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