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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by danamcca, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. danamcca

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    I'm a homeowner with 1/2-acre landscaped area with lots of gravel paths and dry creek bed areas filled with lots of debrise and leaves. I'd like to purchase a blower/vacuum system that I could use to get the leaves out of these areas. (It just is not feasible to rake them into the lawn area and pick them up with the mower.)

    Does anyone have a suggestion of a good unit to purchase that would be easy to handle and could process a large amount of leaves?
  2. PhillipsBrosLawnCare

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    I don't know of any handheld blowers/bagger that will process "a large amount of leaves" - i guess it really depends on what a large amount of leaves means to ya. I would purchase a good handheld blower and blow them into the yard and then mulch them or bag them. Stihl makes some good blowers. But if it's not feasible, then it's not feasible.
  3. danamcca

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    With the layout of the yard, barked gardens, then creekbeds, then gravel pathways, then the center lawn, I can't get all the stuff to the lawn area wo a mess. That's why I'm looking for a vacuum system. If I could get the leaves to mulch and fill a 30-gallon garbage container that would be ideal.

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