Leaf Mulching (NOW WAY!!)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNGODFATHER, Oct 30, 2002.

  1. Here is a pic of 1 pass with double Gator blades on a DC.

    How can you guys tell me that you devower leaves with double blades and the mulching them is faster than using a vac?

    I went over some aeras in other lawn 2-3-4 times and still did not make leaves disapere (turn to dust)............

    So what is missing?

    BTW how are the stripes?

    d leaves.jpg
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    I have been using a SINGLE set of Gator Magnums (Fully Sharpened of course :D ) this past two weeks on my LC Lazer. Some lawns' trees were starting to drop. I basically mow in circles blowing in to form a giant full length windrow (sometimes 2 rows if its a larger lawn). Then I go to one end, back up to the start of the pile (windrow), close OCDC (The Director on my Lazer) and hit the pile in reverse. It takes some power to do this, so be prepared. I then back over the windrow I just produced when in reverse, and continue about 3 times. Then I open the OCDC and disperse on both sides. This dispersal takes about 4 swaths to disperse properly. Most of these properties are considered LIGHT compared to most , but are CONSIDERABLY heavier then your picture.

    Whats left is BUG DUST, and looks a lot better than your results. Problem with a bagger system, is emptying the bagger, and disposing of the leaves!

    Some lawns you HAVE to bag though!
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    Double Gators won't get it because together they don't produce enough lift. You have to use a Hi-Lift and a Gator. Blow to the center to make a pretty good row, then start backing over the remainder. It sure can be done and look great. I wear clear goggles along with a dust mask.

    And because you are using a Dixie Chopper , you will be able to go just as fast backing up as you do going forward, which is.... FAST!
  4. They are both Gator "High Lift" blades.
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    Are you missing a mulch kit? By just closing the director on my lazer I don't get near the results of when using the mulch kit. The kit on the lazer is designed for mulching with their blades and I have found no other blades or combination of blades(doubles) to work better than the singles of Exmark mulching blades. Alot of it also depends on the dryness of the leaves. Last year was just unbelievable...they were so dry that they did just turn to dust, this year has been difficult with 4 inches of snow and what seems to be a consant drizzle. Clean-ups have been less than enjoyable. I think its time to purchase an Ultra Vac, in this case, wet leaves wouldn't set me back like they are now. I believe I will always prefer mulching , but it can't be done(and done well) in all conditions. Good luck-Esby
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    What is a Gator High Lift??? No such animal in anything Gator I've seen!

    I'm guessing you are NOT running a mulch kit. Just closing the OCDC???

    Are the leaves running away or are they not getting picked up to be mulched? I'm running high lifts on bottom and inside flow Gators on top. If I can get them "under" the deck they are nothing but dust literally.

    If I have a real problem area with a certain type of leaves, I just run out to that spot 1st and circle forward and backward with the discharge side toward the tree. When I'm done I get back in my normal routine and go.

    I have even thought of switching to double Gators when things dry out a bit and more leaves are down. I kind of thought I might do less chasing of leaves because of less air flow. I don't know though because I never tried it. I usually run in combo w/highlifts or wave style highlift mulchers on bottom.

    I might have a leaf here and there to run away and escape getting dusted. But so far it hasn't been anything worth bothering with. I grab them up by hand or just leave them. They'll always be a few on the lawn in an hour or so anyways.

    Your pics look like you pissed the tree off waking it from it's nap. Then it said screw you...watch this, and dropped a buch of leaves right on your freshly mowed lawn :D
  7. PLease don't make me repost my Gator Blade classes.

    Take my word for it "I" have them!!!

    The high lift gators throw the debris out.

    No I did not close the OCDC on the Dixie.

    No mulch kit, no wizmo's.

    The leaves are flying right out. It sucks them all up, but discharges just as fast.

    These leaves were very wet, and if I cut the lawn with the vac, I might have gotten 3-4 hoppers out of it.

    Seems like mulching actually takes more effort than using the vac.
  8. Envy Lawn Service

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    If you happen to have a few spares of those Gators laying around, take a pic and post it for me. They may be the same design I'm running. If they are not, I'd like to get myself some for the bottom!!!

    I get a decent mulch with the gators discharging, but I wouldn't call it the most productive means of chopping leaves. Try it with the OCDC closed and see how it works. I bet it will be better "if" you can get the leaves under the deck.

    I'm not real familiar w/Dixie's but I believe you are having problems that are not a fault of your own or your equipment. I think dixies are designed to discharge like crazy so they can mow at high ground speed efficently. There is probably a lot of room between the front deck lip and the blade tip with no baffles to allow a high volume discharge channel across the front of the deck.

    Am I right or wrong here?

    Either way, I think closing the OCDC should help some. But a baffled mulch kit is most effcient for this. But try it with the OCDC down anyways if you don't have a full blown mulch kit for the chopper.

    Wait a minute, don't you have an Exmark too? Have some mulching stuff for it? If so put it to work tomorrow too.

    Get back to me with some new results and I'll see if I helped or can help any more. Geez! I currently bag nothing at all. You should be able to do it too and save some labor and time.
  9. I bag leaves and discharge the rest of the time.
  10. awm

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    well bro . u been here a long time.
    so must know how to do leaves better than that . its a joke and im just to old to get it,right.:). using mulcher an gator or
    high lift an gator, those leaves wouldnt
    even take any consideration.
    ps when im doing leaves i dont try an stripe. i do that last if its needed.

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