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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by meicher806, Sep 14, 2010.

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    I have a truck loader and a dump truck that I will not be using this fall for our normal work. so I got to thinking about subing out to other LCO's. my question is would you smaller (or larger for that matter) hire a sub to pick up the leaf's instead of filling your trailer then hand unloading it?
  2. godzilla

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    If other companies see you out there with a vac truck that has a number on it, odds are you'll get calls.
  3. jbt79

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    Hell yeah I would, as long as you arent charging too much. The loading, unloading, and hauling are the most time consuming parts if you are hand loading/unloading. Something I had thought about too, when I was trying to justify the cost of purchasing a dump trailer and loader. I think it would be a good idea to market to other, smaller lcos. They blow, clean, and have the leaves no more x number of feet from curb (however far you can reach with your equip.) and you show up and suck them up in a matter of a few minutes. Very good idea, especially for the small guys like me that would be hand loading on their regular landscaping trailer, then driving to the dump, and hand unloading. Would save a ton of time, and could be on to the next one instead of all that crap. I would pay for that.
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    There is a definate market to your idea. I quit a guy or refused to do fall clean ups after last year because of his poor methods and lack of equipment to be efficient.

    I actually sought out a few lco's to do just what you are thinking of.
    Wanted to see what the pick up service that he couldn't provide himself would cost as a sub service.
    This guy did postage stamp lots up to 1/3 acre in the south Minneapolis area. (100) stops in a five square mile service area.
    2-man crew would spend on average 3.5 hrs at each prop doing the clean up. Some you could bag and leave for city pick up. Other wanted removal service of which he would tarp leaves ten high on a 6 X 8 trailer and make dump runs. Most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. Had no bagging or collection system but to use 21" mowers. (big hassle)

    I found (2) different companies within this guys route that would collect the leaves @ $75 per 1/2 hr with me providing him (2) jobs within every 1.25 hrs. The stops were literally blks away so he could have run straight all day long for a week. (would easily be able to do 3 a hr)
    I and the other crew member could have blown the properties clean and at street side in 1.50 hrs on average and on to the next.
    These companies would come in for $75 on the high end and clean it up quick.
    So for $100 labor and removal, JOB DONE

    The guy tells me he couldn't (profit) on such an arrangement ? :confused:
    Come to find out, most were not paying but $75 - $100 for a fall clean up. :hammerhead:

  5. LawnScapers of Dayton

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    I am looking to do just this in the Dayton Ohio Area...

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