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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sbvfd592, Oct 27, 2002.

  1. sbvfd592

    sbvfd592 LawnSite Senior Member
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    OK well hear we are just starting leaves I did my fist cleanups last week, I just want to see some of your setups infront of the huge piles of leaves you create I love this time of year:D :drinkup: if you have a min to take a pick on a job will you post it up I will get some over then next 2 weeks.
  2. We still have 3 weeks before we start here.
  3. jmleaver

    jmleaver LawnSite Member
    from NH
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    what is the best way to charge? Hourly/ per job, and what would the "Going rate" be? Do you also charge for removal of leaves or is that in the price?
  4. MacLawnCo

    MacLawnCo LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I try to get arround $10 per hour which includes removal.;)
  5. I try to get 10 times that, I know that's what you mean.;)
  6. jmleaver

    jmleaver LawnSite Member
    from NH
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    10.00 per hour or 100.00 per hour? my current rate is between 25-35? is that too low?
  7. Man you guys are lucky to get an hourly rate. I jist do a flat rate of $5 and a 6 pack per job. I could reley make sume good $ if I wood jest nock em out but what happens is I drink the 6er 1st then fall ta sleep uner a tree and have to come back next day, by then I spendud the 5 on mor beer so if I go back I gotta werk for nutin and that aint fair.
    :mad: :mad: :mad: ;)

    jmleaver-rate low for me but $ depends on you and equipment used + area you work in and people you are selling to.
  8. wmsland

    wmsland LawnSite Member
    from NE OHIO
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    Around here $30-$45 an hour per man is about right. We don't have to remove to many leaves, most of the cities around her will pick them up off of the tree lawn, we just have to get them there.
  9. MacLawnCo

    MacLawnCo LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I was just trying to give the guy a benchmark to shoot for. Not everyone can charge that much, but it never hurts to aim high.

    BTW, i did mean $10.:jester:
  10. lawnkid

    lawnkid LawnSite Senior Member
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    Man, finally the leaves have started falling around here so hopefully I'll start some clean-ups next week. I get $40/hour for just me doing cleanups with my backpack and a tarp.

    Hey wmsland,
    what's your company name? Are you east of Cleveland or west of Cleveland? I'm on the eastside in Euclid.

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