Leaf Plow Pics?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Strongmd, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. Strongmd

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    I'd like to see pics of leaf plows. Looking for ideas, especially on walker mowers. I used to own the jrco and I'm not too crazy about it. My guys push with their Walkers, as they are. It works ok, but I think I'd like to fab something better, but not as big and unwieldy as the jrco. Has anyone made a leaf plow for their walker using the quick attach walker dethatcher frame?

    I was thinking that something 4' wide with two 1' wide wings, that could fold-out to 45 degrees?
  2. Matts lawn care

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  3. yardmanlee

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    I have some pics of a plow that I built for my john deere w/b email me for them be happy to help ya !!!
  4. jeffex

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    who needs a plow just lower the deck and push away. I use my 48" wb last sun to move impressive piles into the woods.
  5. BSDeality

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    I did that for a while before I got my plow. It will work, but there are down sides. it rips up the turf. You can't steer for crap when the piles get big. Very prone to getting hung up on the belly (i used a z so i can't just pop it off like a WB). I would find myself getting stuck on a pile of leaves in the woods. Not the best place to get stuck with a ripping hot muffler touching or nearly touching leaves. A guy here lost his Z and burnt up a tree cause he got stuck on a pile and it got lit up.

    Even though I think JRCO is over priced for what it is, it is very good. I can maneuver very well and I don't get stuck like I used to. I did have to re-inforce my mounting because i bent it to hell
  6. procut

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    Leaf Plow????

    Sorry, couldn't resist:)

  7. wahlturfcare

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    heres a pic of the plow setups that i make and sell.

  8. wahlturfcare

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    i made mine so when it is folded in it will fit through a 36'' gate and open to 60''. it also folds flat onto the dock. I dont have a newer pic with the lift hande and scalp wheels yet.
  9. Runner

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    Nice. hey, what do you use at the bottom, there? Is it just rubber flap?
  10. Strongmd

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    Nice leaf plow, do you have a walker mower handy? and the tine rake dethatcher? If you could fab something like that, only half as high, that would mount to the frame of the walker detatcher (so that it's easy on/off) you've got a buyer. I was thinking that it should be 4' wide with two 1' wings that fold out to 45 degrees, like yours. I'd like them to fold in for gates/transport/extremely heavy leaves.

    Let me know.


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