Leaf Rakes


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Frederickburg VA
I use a no-clog leaf rake. Got them at Home Depot. I say them, because I did break the handle on the first one I bought. I've had them for about six years. They really do work. I use the broken one around tighter areas since the handle no longer gets in the way. They work great together as big hands when picking up the piles of leaves and sticks. You never have to clean out the tines and they do not pick up much of the mulch in mulched beds.


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greenwich ct
I Use rakes from a local supplier but I think the brand is MID-West Rake. last year we snapped 16 handles this year 5 with more work......


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Why don't you just buy some from Sears and when they break, take them back.
Same deal at Home Depot with the Ames rakes. 10 year warranty, and they swap them out on the spot


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i have a no clog leaf rake i got at walmart i think...it's yellow and black....i think stanley makes it...the rake part is black plastic and the handle is fiberglass...had it for years never broken a handle on a rake in my life lol.