Leaf removal and parking lot sweeping

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Whites Lawn Care, Nov 26, 2007.

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    OK this is my first post on lawn site. I have a couple large properties that have alot of parking lot areas. I deal with mostly commercial jobs one account is over 30 acres total space with more than 300 trees on the property. I have looked into buying a power sweeping truck to help with leaf cleanup. Does anyone else use this type of equipment is it practical. I have thought of adding this to our company as an add on service. How many of you guys offer sweeping and parking lot cleanup? What do you charge an hour how do you estimate these jobs? Any advice would help.

    The truck i found is a local acquaintance it is on a 98 3500 chevy cab and chassis 6.5 diesel with a s343d schwartz power sweeper 93K on truck and 5200 hours on rear engine which is a Perkins diesel hopper is 3.4 yards has a few holes but i think i can patch up to get by for awhile. Guy is hurting for money and just wants out only asking $10,000 for the truck?

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