Leaf Removal for the Fall

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by boxoffire, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. boxoffire

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    Folks, looking for a little advice to make leaf cleanup as easy as possibly should I send a flyer out to do this type work. All a first for me, except the old raking up and baggin manually a yard full of leaves which I haven't done in a long long time. Don't want to kill myself so here goes. I have a JD L110 Mulching mower (tractor) and was thinking of getting the rear bagger. Can I use this to get most of the leaves up and then bag them easily for hauling? Should I use a blower? How much leaf debris will be left over after mulching it with the JD? Just wanna find out the best method with tools I have, or possibly tools I could buy to make it a much easier job on myself.

    Any suggestions would really be appreciated. Feel a bit embarrrassed when you are kinda new to all this. But I'm currently unemployed and need some cash.

    Thanks again,

  2. kemmer

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    well first of all you need a backpack blower, i recommend redmax. what i do is i blow all the leaves outa the beds with my redmax and then move them with my 10hp billy goat blower. if the piles ever get to big i have a leaf plow on my scag and i just push them out to the steet. thats whats nice about the towns around here, you dont have to collect the leaves at the curb.
  3. boxoffire

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    Good answer. I think some places in city here let you do that, but limited area for sure. I know you can't in my neighborhood and expect them to get picked up. A 10hb billy goat blower--LOL, that sounds powerful. Great name! I assume it's a walk behind blower that get's much more debris at once. Wonder if there is an attachment for my JD that can plow leaves into a pile? I'll have to check into that. Was my idea of mulching the leaves into bagger not really worth it if I can't plow leaves to a curbside?

    Thanks snowyleaf for your previous response. Sure you can plow some snow up there come winter. Don't get that much down here.
  4. Goble's Lawn Service

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    i run over the leaves with the bagger and it works great....
  5. kemmer

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    heres the company that makes them, jrcoinc.com. but i just cut down a piece of plywood and made a hookup that could allow it to fold up and drop down. works pretty well but i dosnt fit through gates and i hate tarping leaves. so i might go with 2 different sizes.

    jrco also has a bagger that might work in you situation or try trac vac.

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