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  1. kilgoja

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    things are just different up north i guess...around here it's more open with not so many trees...most of the trees are in the woods behind the houses...when they make neighborhoods they clear out most all of the trees...might leave one or two in a yard...for example my parents have a yard that is 5 acres...they only have 2 trees in it....but behind the house is solid trees (woods)..i'll try to get some pics of yards around here sometime and post them up
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    It's not really any different up north. Although there are some subdivisions where they did/do try to leave a lot of trees, most subdivisions are clear cut before the houses are built. The BIGGEST difference is how old the subdivisions are. Up north a lot of subdivisions were put in a long time ago. When people move into new subdivisions they tend to plant trees and other things. After 30, 40 and 50 years those subdivisions become reforested. Where you are the subdivisions are much, much newer. Less than 10 years old by looking at that one house. There hasn't been enough time to reforest it yet.
  3. Charles

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    Lots of big trees in Upstate SC. Many jobs can take 3 hours + Mulching, blowing or bagging. One big dusty PIA. I will be glad when leaf season is over.
    I use a 36 bushel bagger pulled with a small tractor/mower
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    ya i live in a very old area we have many houses well over 100 years old some almost 200years. my parents house was built in 1884 and the nieghbors was built in 1846. the development that those pics are from was built for the most part between 1890 and 1910. lots of large well established trees.
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    I just bought a 8hp leaf vac and just added a hose to use it as a leaf loader. I pick up the leaves with the 54in walk behind w/ bagger and then use the craftsman tractor to pull a small trailer that i dump the leaves into so i can bring them to the big trailer and load them with the leaf vac.
  6. kilgoja

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    well yeah that house in the pic is in a newer neighborhood for sure...there are older houses here but just not as many trees...we had a tornado come through here this year and it took a ton of trees out as well...they had to rebuild 100s of houses
  7. kilgoja

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    well there are some older houses here like on the main roads kindof....they are small houses with small yards mostly...like 1/8 of an acre and they have trees all in the yard...might pay you $15-$20 to cut their grass...i avoid these kindof houses..most of these people cut their own grass anyways with a 21" push mower...you just wouldn't make any money cutting yards like this unless you had a bunch of customers all down the street together...i dunno i haven't gotten any calls from houses like this yet...most of my yards i cut are 1/2 acre - 1 acre in size with 2 or 3 trees in the yard and pay $40-$75 to cut their yards
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    Read up on mulching my friend. Get a set of gators and have at it. I have many trees and do lots of cleans here and I mulch everything for 80% of the time. After that they can be picked up with the Walker or whatever you choose but blowing and tarping can take time. I can't afford to stay on any property for long. I visit every week and mulch as much as I can get away with. I have excellent disease free lawns every year. There is much written about it in the archives. Have fun.
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    I'm in the same category as some of you guys I could fill my trailer two or three times on one job plus most of my customers don't want me to come more then three times a season so I have a ton of leaves. I just bought a 16hp Billy goat loader this year that should help.
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    most of my clean up take 2 to 3 days of work and i do have some day of work

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