Leaf Removal Just got Harder.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Turf Tracer, Nov 11, 2019.

  1. Turf Tracer

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  2. Groomer

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    it's coming our way, literally bout 2 hrs. out.

    I did a 4hr leaf job solo yesterday, even had to tow a few tarps with the WB.
    temps were nice, around 60, and the leaves were crispy dry with no wind.
    why can't I have 2 more weeks of that! lol

    and turf, look at all the leaves in your pic that haven't dropped! oaks?
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  3. Mark Stark

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    My front yard. This is shutting us down for gutters and leaf work for a few days. Only supposed to be mid 20s the next couple of days. It's worse than last year
  4. OP
    Turf Tracer

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    Oaks and plenty Maples haven’t dropped yet. Customers will expect them cleaned up the second we get a melt. Plus lots piles sitting for Municipal.

    Too busy get driveway markers up yet. Will be destroying lots turf w/the plows tomorrow. Early snow sucks.
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  5. ShowCaseLawnCare

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    Getting it done boys and girls
  6. Groomer

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    he probably should have just left the flat screen in the box for structural plow strength. lol

    or maybe he did?
  7. kemco

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    We are having roughly a 40 degree temp drop this evening high of about 60 today to a projected 20 around 1am and it's pouring rain right now. Doubt we will get any snow but tomorrow it's not supposed to get above freezing even though the rain stops. High of 30 tomorrow. And barely above freezing the next day. It may be Thur or even Frid before we can start our leaf jobs. Got the equipment switched out this morning. Started the yearly motor maintenance on the loader just when the rain started to come in. Oh well. At least it'll knock more leaves off the trees.
  8. Ridin' Green

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    We got about 6" on the ground right now with leaves on top and a lot of leaves underneath. Half the oaks are still loaded, and about 1/3 of the maples are 50% or more coverage still.. Temps tomorrow of a high of 24 with no snow melting temps for a week or so expected right now. Might be done with leaves this year already. What came down was wet and heavy. Glad I had my CUT prepped.
  9. flybynite

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    I did a first time customer today. Enough leaves to fill my truck bed twice. Took me 4hrs and made a nice profit for my time spent.
  10. Mark Stark

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    The frustrating thing is many of our clients are going to be irritated with us. Last year a few of them accused us of "over booking" jobs. We cannot predict the weather. Leaves fall when they fall.

    The most irritating clients are the ones that want us to wait to do gutters or leaves until "more leaves fall" and then get mad when it snows and their stuff doesn't get done.

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