Leaf Removal Pricing 2018

Discussion in 'Bidding, Estimating and Pricing' started by asthedodo, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. t5oy

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    Looks awfully low to me. I don't mow anyones yard for less than $35 per mow no matter how small your yard is. (truck roll, fuel, and unloading the trailer is time and money) Big yards with lots of trim I get $50 and they're more than happy to pay it! So obviously leaves are much more. My rule of thumb is roughly $1 per minute. But if it only takes me 20 minutes you better believe I'm at least charging $35 minimum. I don't care who you are.
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  2. MNLawns

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    i won't roll a truck for less than $150 in the fall... i have 2 $85 jobs, but they are right next to each other, and i do the neighbor on the other side for $175 takes about 3 hours for me to do those by myself, and $60 in dump fees
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  3. TPendagast

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    Hard to judge

    Some lawns can be huge with little to no trees

    Some lawns have so many trees there’s barely grass to mow at all.

    Can’t really gauge leaf clean up by the price it takes to cut.

    We certainly use mowers as part of our leaf clean up
    But it’s not mowing we’re doing.
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    GRANTSKI LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Yea be careful. Look at the trees in the yard. For ex I have one 1/2 acre lawn with 1 tree - another lawn that’s 2500 sq ft but has 5-6 giant trees .
    Doing a cleanup AND removing the leaves you are priced pretty low. Your $40/$160 lawns you may be ok. Also Keep in mind some trees will drop a relentless amount of branches / acorns / etc so you can’t always just mow/bag/and go.
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  5. Harris414

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    Going into my first year in alabama for leaf clean-ups. Im working on a system... so far i just blow landscape beds out onto the grass, mulch then pickup with walker ghs.
    as i price things out im wondering how you guys handle some things!
    several props have large landscape beds on the entire outside of prop. during the summer we just blow the small amount of grass clippings/edging debri ect into those areas... now that leaf season is coming we have been blowing the leaves onto turf and then collect. Now that the leaves are really dropping!!! its almost impossible to get all those leaves out! without destroying the pine. so do you guys just leave those outer main sections and maybe only clean out the house beds?
    also pinecones/ect now falling do you rake those up real quick or can you mulch over those without much damage to machine?
    Thanks for any help and suggestions! First winter so I want to do correctly.

    most my accounts right now do weekly cleanups through out winter or 1 visit per month
  6. Greencuts518

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    I've got many years of leaf clean up back when we used to rake the majority of it...well that sucked. But it's tricky so I'm telling them what my hourly is for one or two workers and a high, low scenario pricing. I am working for cheaper then I want but this is my first year back and I need the cash to stock up for hibernation supplies. But I'm leaving pricing slightly open as no way I'm losing. Nuff said. I'd prefer to go a few times over the course of the season versus one shot at the end.

    THIESSENS TLC LawnSite Bronze Member
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    That’s what I do, I’m starting this coming week, then I’ll go back out in another 2 weeks...
  8. rclawn

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    If you’re in the area I would love to sub you several leaf removal jobs
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  9. Kitman

    Kitman LawnSite Member
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    I tell the. Leaf cleanup is a different animal than mowing. I tell them so much per hour plus dump fee.
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  10. Green Industry Pro

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    I wouldn't publish prices, just asking for issues. Prices are way low for cleanups. I would double at least. We don't really do leaf cleanups per say in my market. Its mostly year round mowing. We just switch to bi weekly in the non growing season and blow up all the leaves each visit. Prices are inflated over a normal mowing visit but we average everything into monthly billing for the year. Seems easiest to me and our customers agree.

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