Leaf Removal Pricing 2018

Discussion in 'Bidding, Estimating and Pricing' started by asthedodo, Oct 18, 2018.

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    I got a water pipe behind the seat:eek: I wouldn't really call it a break...lol j/k
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    The low maintenance, easy going clients I like to work for don't have the $$ for big clean ups, so I usually advertise in spring and fall to help fill schedule outside of mowing season
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    I definitely would not price or publish leaf clean ups based on your mowing price. Each yard is different.
    For existing customers You could tell them you charge by how much time it takes in comparison to mowing. So if it takes twice as long the cost is twice as much. That way it covers you. Or just tell them so much per hour plus any disposal fees.
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    In our area, leaf clean up is more of a premium type service. We make quite a bit more on it than on mowing.

    There's just alot more hassle for the client in doing their own leaf work vs. mowing their own lawns. They don't have a leaf vacuum to haul away leaves. They don't know where to dispose of leaves. They don't have commercial blowers. They don't want to be cold & wet.

    Considering these things, we charge WAYYYY more than a mowing price and politely suggest that you should as well.
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    You’re also located in some of the densest/oldest urban trees in the whole country

    That’s the north east for you.
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    I just have to look at it individually here for each property. Some yards it would be a premium, and some yards don't have any big trees, but just enough small ones to make a mess. If they will allow me to provide year round service, I will gladly keep the yard looking good as I price it accordingly keeping in mind I will have some visits where I have to spend a little extra time and some visits in winter where I just show up and make some noise and leave.

    If they have a lot of large trees its a different story, or if I have to haul off debris it's a different story. I know you are in NY and it's totally different. In SC you can easily sell year round maintenance for many customers. We rarely have to worry about snow though. Grass just goes dormant for 4 months or so. I do have some that would be way more than the average mowing price.
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    Im at $100 a hour and that includes dumping it. You will lose lose lose if you go with my old mowing prices. When a customer looks at me like Im crazy for that price I tell them. If I go to the dump it costs me $50 plus my time and gas for everything and blah blah. It sounds very reasonable. I use my quickcat to mulch them down super fine and put my bagger on it and a few passes Im done. The thing is you have to charge appropetliy. What I mean is I can remove upwards of 800-1000lbs in 2 hours where a guy with a rake might be able to do 100lbs. These are just for estimation. Your efficiency should drive your price. I dont care how much your equipment costs if your not effective in leaf removal then your price should reflect that. Hourly is one of the safest ways not to get burned by a leaf job. We all have been burned bc there are always more leaves than you think, wetter than you think, or other issues.
    Its super dirty and dusty and gets in your eyes and nose and all over you, its physically, and it just takes longer than mowing.

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    How do you like the quickcat for leaves? I also have a 48” quickcat with the side bagger from bobcat. Works great!
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    Omg the quickcat has been a game changer in my whole business, I havent even changed blades to mulching blades yet either. I used to blow and tarp my leaves out but now I just use the the quickcat. I have another ztr but the quickcat just seems to do it better. I even lay out netted tarps a 5 or 6 pass away and I keep blowing them towards the tarps and by the time they land on there they are so small I just pull that tarp to the trailer and my pile of leaves are nothing. I have some other pics of much larger leaf jobs but these are pretty to me


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