leaf removal system for John Deere 737

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by IntegrityLawnCareVA, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. IntegrityLawnCareVA

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    Hey guys, what's up? I am new to the forum so sorry if this topic has already been discussed.

    I have a John Deere 737 mower. There aren't that many guys doing leaves in this area and I am receiving an increasing demand for leaf removal every season. John Deere makes a bagger system for their mowers but there are 3 big flaws in their systems. 1. price- almost $4,000 for a standard bagger system. 2. - there is no reduction of the leafs, other than the mower blades, there for the hoppers fill up quickly when working with leaves. 3. - the systems are fairly permanent. Basically once its installed you can't detach and reattach with out hours of work.

    So my question is this, what are some good options for a leaf removal system that reasonable on price and attaches and detaches easily. Because I wouldn't need the bagger system all the time but I would need it frequently through out the season. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks.
  2. jnrogers

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    Try a cyclone rake. They fold up really nice and hold enough leaves to do many properties. I think you can pick one up for around $1500 to $1800 bucks just depends what size you want. They have a link on the left side of this website.
  3. ALC-GregH

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    I don't know enough about the JD baggers but if what you say is true then you should definitely consider the Cyclone system. I have a Scag 3 bag kit. I can have the complete unit off my Scag in minutes. I was going to consider the Cyclone at first until I found out how easy the kit can be removed from the Scag.
  4. Jimslawncareservice

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    what size properties are you doing. If they have tight spots or small lots you will not be happy pulling a cyclone rake. I had one on my 737 before i sold the 737. it was about 16ft long from from of mower to back of cylone rake. I had about 4 ft to spare in the 20ft enclosed. It worked great don't get me wrong there. You can not plug that thing. in 2007 we had a lot of rain and my dads grass got out og comtrol. i went as fast as i could it could not plug.

    check this out. i may get one this fall for leaves. its long but i like it has its own motor. it takes less power to run and creates it own vacuum.
    http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/grd/1105083837.html hope that works. i believe he can ship because i seen them ebay
  5. IntegrityLawnCareVA

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    Thanks for the replies guys. I am doing properties up to two acres, that when all the leaves have fallen if left unattended would be shin deep. I am looking for something that mounts to the mower and doesn't require pulling although for a superior system for the right price I could probably live with it.

    What about these, has anyone had any experience with them?


    This one looks cool because you could put trash bags in the cans and leave the bags on the street for the city to pick up later or throw in the back of the truck or trailer. Just wondering about the quality because I've never heard of the company.

    I haven't contacted them so I don't know about the price or if it would fit my mower.
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  6. IntegrityLawnCareVA

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    BTW ... I have a 6x12 landscape trailer. So length would def. be a consideration. Thanks again everyone.
  7. Jimslawncareservice

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    i dont think you would get much in there. also when it gets cold those things crack. i don't know what the temps are there when you finish fall clean ups. here in mn we have maybe 30 degrees at noon by dark its 20 or lower.
  8. whole9er

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    I have the deere bagger and I love it, To go over your three big flaws, First the bagger and everything is only 2500 installed, ive heard its a few hundred less if you do it yourself, check with the dealer on that pricing I cant imagine it went up that much over 2 years. Second, the leaves get reduced quite a bit and I run high lifts, im sure with gators this would improve, and with the blower mounted right next to the deck it adds suction to the deck, either way the the bags come off in three seconds and dump them where ever you need to. Third the systems are actually super easy to take on and off, after a few times im sure you could do it in less than fifteen maybe ten minutes. Go to the dealer and look at one assembeled and ask them to take it off for you. You may be better off than you think. The only problem ive had with mine is a bearing went, which was covered by warranty, I looked at new 800 series bagger and was quite impressed with the improvemnts, all they changed was the tube and how it attaches to the bagger and minor improvements to the hopper. Check out the JD bagger again you may be suprised. If you do get another system and need a weight kit I have a extra bracket for that mower, they just threw it in, and it holds four weights, I dont use it. Good luck with what you choose.
  9. IntegrityLawnCareVA

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    Well I am glad that your bagger works for you and maybe my local JD dealer is trying to rip me off but they usually give me a pretty good price. The least expensive bagger is 3,200 and if you want dump from the seat capabilities your are looking at over 4,200. The only reason I was thinking that it was semi permanent was that is what they told me. Maybe the salesperson had their facts mixed up but thats all I have to go on.
  10. mowerbrad

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    The mounting brackets for the bagging unit would be the only things that may take a while to get off since they are bolted on there. But if you want to take the bagger off you don't take the mounting brackets off. When you talked to the dealer about it, they might have been referring to the assembly time for the bagging unit. But most baggers are designed to be taken off and put on with minimal effort. With my bagger on my bob-cat I can have it off within 1 minute.

    And I wouldn't suggest a trailering bagger since that would defeat the perpose of the zero turn.

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