Leaf removal vs. Regular cutting.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rdran5, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. I hear all you guys talking about leaf removal, well I do that with my weekly service. Am I missing out? Since I always bag, it just seems natural to include this with normal lawn maintenance. Please let me know if I should be charging Extra. I even heard some of yall talk about removing the leaves before cutting. Please clue me in.

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    i do leaf removal. from what i do, and from what i understand, you get leafs out of the beds, not just the grass area. some just do the grass area, but i like to do the whole entire property. then if the lawn needs it, i will mow after leaves are picked up.

    i also charge $35 a tarp.
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    What you are going to find out here everyone has a different method of doing leaf removal. Once the leaves start falling it is quite a bit heavier you will need to clear the lawn before you cut it unless you have gator blades or other good mulching blades. In the fall I don't consider that normal maintenance. I charge for this and it will vary on where you live. Some of the areas I cut in have curbside leaf pick up from the city that is where I put them. Other areas they need to be disposed of. That is another charge for the customer if I have to take them away. You have a lot of factors here and it depends on your area where you live. But definitely charge more in the fall for leaf removal. That is first and foremost. At the end of leaf season everything gets throughly cleaned including flower bed, carports, anything that collects leaves gets cleaned up as well.

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    It all depends how you price your contracts. I do primarily residential, and have all my accounts on equal 12 month payments. My Agreement spells out that during leaf season I will remove all leaves "in the turf areas..." with each weekly visit. I then include one fall cleanup of beds, etc. after the leaves stop falling and another spring cleanup before we start to mow again. I calculate the time it takes to provide these services and include that cost in the flat rate monthly charges. This has worked good for me. I might add that all my properties have wooded areas where I can blow/dump leaves. If I had to haul leaves away it would be a serious extra charge.

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